Friday, November 25, 2011

Phase Two

We're on phase two of our moving plan. Scott went down to MD this afternoon, and he'll be there until the 29th. The girls and I will finish packing and get things ready for our move on the 30th. Everything that can be taken apart has been disassembled. We're sleeping in the front room with our mattresses on the floor. (And to those who sleep with mattresses on the floor, how do you do it? I'm weirded out having my bedding on the floor. You never know when a mouse or bug may crawl over ya. Maybe I'm paranoid. Oh, and the kids constantly walk on the beds tracking whatever random thing was stuck to their feet across the bedding.)

Penny is a crawler! Everyday she can crawl longer and her balance gets better. Today she pulled up to standing using the couch. Penny was fine until she let go and fell sideways, giving herself one nasty bump on her forehead. The kid isn't even seven months!

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