Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Penny hasn't been interested in food. We offer and she usually makes a face and pushes my hand away. The other day she tried a peach and mango masher type thing, and she loved it. I thought, I finally found a food she likes! The next day, there was blood in poo (the worst in months), redness around her eyelids, butt rash, and she took four naps and pretty much camped out in the wrap. I didn't even think there could be gluten in something that's just peach and mango, but there was. Vitamin e. Tocopherols are made with gluten. If the label doesn't say gluten free, it's off limits. I'm taking the gluten free thing to the next level. Everything, including soaps, must be labeled gluten free. At the BHCC holiday party, Penny was crawling on the floor and I look down and there's crumbs everywhere. This allergy is tough to control! Dairy seems like a cake walk! Also, our ec'ing has been off horribly. I'm starting to feel like an ec failure. Because of the gluten exposure, she's been peeing nonstop. Penny's rocking through diapers. We've had the occasional poo miss too. Those seem to take Penny by surprise. Like, she says to herself, oh, I have to... whoops. I pooed. MOMMY!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Almost A Home.

We're pretty much all unpacked. Everything isn't 100 percent yet, because we're lacking shelves, a dinning room table, and two dressers. The house is starting to feel cozy, and it smells warm thanks to the cinnimon scented pinecones.

I feel like we made a huge leap forward in our car search. We put the paperwork in for a Toyota Sienna. That's right. A van. A light blue minivan. So not cool. There was a 2011 Prius for the right price and, oh how I whined for the Prius, but alas, we need space. The van is a kid mover. We'll find out Monday if the Sienna is ours, and pick it up Wednesday evening.

Abby is moving slowly, but steady with reading. I'm feeling good with where we have gotten to in the past weeks. It's a struggle, but I noticed she's reading more and more on her own and writing more too. Also, she's sounding out words to spell them which she was very resistant to do before. Math, of course, is on track with no issues. Saxon Math is brillant and a perfect fit for Abby.

The MD homeschooling laws are a beast. I've decided to go through an umbrella organization to allievate a lot of the stress. I miss the simple NYC laws. I think MD is a homeschooling nanny state.

Monday, December 5, 2011

We're Home!

The past few weeks have been a blur. After an insanely fast one day move, we are slowly getting settled into our new home. It's amazing how much stuff we had crammed into that 2.5 bedroom apartment. Right now, we're savoring the space and closets. I still have lots of little things to put away.

I feel horrible about where the rabbits are. I had to put them in the basement until we get a gate that has a swinging door on it for the kitchen. They are miserable down there. They've had two playdates and both have gone well.

Today, I finished the girls' room and the tv room. Tomorrow and Wednesday will be busy days, so I'm planning to finish unpacking the master bedroom Friday. It's the last room that needs to be done. Then I'll have some leftover random things to put away.

Vera's had a low fever on and off for two days. I think it's a combination of her body fighting something and adjusting to a new place. She's also been quick to scream and cry. Lots of tantrums, but once the house is settled, she'll even out. Abby seems to be fine. There was one afternoon where she cried because she was homesick, but that was it. Abby's more laid back. We started lessons again, and it feels good to be doing a familiar routine.

This evening at dinner, Penny was playing with a spoon and crawled over to Vera to stick her spoon in Vera's bowl. Scott made a small bowl of smashed avocado. Penny's first real taste of food! And, she wasn't so into it. The faces she made were a riot. The real joy was squishing avocado between her fingers. The wall to wall carpeting has seriously jump started Penny's crawling. She's a champion crawler now.