Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Penny hasn't been interested in food. We offer and she usually makes a face and pushes my hand away. The other day she tried a peach and mango masher type thing, and she loved it. I thought, I finally found a food she likes! The next day, there was blood in poo (the worst in months), redness around her eyelids, butt rash, and she took four naps and pretty much camped out in the wrap. I didn't even think there could be gluten in something that's just peach and mango, but there was. Vitamin e. Tocopherols are made with gluten. If the label doesn't say gluten free, it's off limits. I'm taking the gluten free thing to the next level. Everything, including soaps, must be labeled gluten free. At the BHCC holiday party, Penny was crawling on the floor and I look down and there's crumbs everywhere. This allergy is tough to control! Dairy seems like a cake walk! Also, our ec'ing has been off horribly. I'm starting to feel like an ec failure. Because of the gluten exposure, she's been peeing nonstop. Penny's rocking through diapers. We've had the occasional poo miss too. Those seem to take Penny by surprise. Like, she says to herself, oh, I have to... whoops. I pooed. MOMMY!


Shauna said...

I came across your blog a bit convolutedly (foodlab posts and other bloggers), but I just wanted to say hello!

My family is gluten free as well, with a few other food issues. We also co-slept, breastfed, babywore, did EC with the youngest of our two, and we are currently homeschooling as well. You can imagine why I wanted to make sure to drop by, eh? It's not often I see other homeschooling gluten-free folks with so many shared experiences! :-)

I also wanted to offer any information on gluten cc I might have that could be of use, if you're interested? Myself and my daughter are both very sensitive to gluten and had to step up our avoidance of gluten cc, too. We've found it in some truly weird places that I would never have expected!

As an example, there's this protozoa used as grasshopper and locust control called Nosema Locustae. It can be used on organic and conventional produce, but it's put in the fields by putting it on wheat bran and then sprinkling the wheat bran over the crop fields. 0.0 So now we ask farmers if they use this stuff on the crops we're eating (we looked up brand names).

There's a few other oddball things like that we've picked up over the last year or so of researching and trying to keep everybody healthy. If you think any of it might be of some use, let me know, I'd be happy to chat and pass on whatever I can!

Amy said...

Hi Shauna!
YAY! Another family like mine! :) Are you on Facebook? My email is
I'd love to hear what soaps and cleaning products you use. We're not super super sensitive, but sensitive enough.
Thanks for the comment.