Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Today was a packed day. Honestly, if we didn't have a car and were still in NYC, I would have only been able to do one thing. We did lessons in the morning, then made and had lunch. At 1pm, I had our portfolio review with our umbrella organization. It was super quick and easy. I'm really happy we went with an umbrella. Then a quick bathroom pitstop and food break at Whole Foods on the way to a playdate at a playground. I got a text from Scott that he would be at the train station at 5pm. It was a nice surprise and the girls and I picked him up. We all came home and Scott made tacos.

Vera has started reading. It's crazy. If you're a friend on Facebook, there's a video. Vera picks up and retains stuff quickly. She's easy to teach and she wants to have lessons. I think a lot of it is she really really enjoys the focused one on one time. I hope Vera doesn't lose her momentum.

I checked out a few Ed Emberly how to draw books, and both girls are eating them up. Vera's thumbprint drawings are hilarious. Abby has surprised me several times with some awesome work. (And for those in B-more, Ed Emberly and his daughter will be at Enoch Pratt Free Library in April. Again, the Pratt rocks.)

Penny had the closest to baseline poo today. It was more mustard color than dark forest green, and there were curds! Curds! I thought I'd never see those white specks ever again. There was still blood. I'm pretty sure I know what it's from. I'm hoping, fingers crossed, I can get Penny to baseline by Sunday. So for those keeping tabs, I'm gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, nuts (including peanuts), chocolate, coffee, legume, refined sugar, and obvious corn free. I was dreaming today about what to trial first. Scott wants me to trial soy first. Soy sauce in particular. I love nuts, and that's what I cut out this week. After a soy trial, I'm going to trial almonds. How can one live without nut butters?! Also, there's things I've noiced about myself in this elimination diet. Once I cut gluten out, I found I can't tolerate beans and sugar all that well. Sugar especially throws my stomach into loops. I've stopped needing to wear deodorant. (This started after I cut out eggs.) No more cravings for really really sweet foods, like ice cream or cookies. Scott thinks I'm nuts. Maybe I am, and it's all in my head. Either way, gluten is evil, and so is corn. 

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