Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I was all set to type this on the desktop, and Penny woke up. So, yet again, I'm typing this on my phone...

I'm reading The Core, Teaching Your Child the Foundations of Classical Education as a refresher. I love classical homeschooling. It's so simple, and how can you argue against a system that's been around for over 2,500 years? The Trivium follows how a child grows. It's "natural". It's how we think as humans. Grammer, logic, rhetoric. I find the book to be a nice compliment to The Well Trained Mind. 

Abby will be done with her second grade handwriting book this week. I'm debating whether or not to start the next book, which is cursive. I'm thinking I may want to fill in the gap left over by handwriting with copy work for science, geography, and history.
Abby's reading is improving, and because she's made a leap forward, her math is slipping. How many times have I blogged about this give and take dance she does? Today, she forgot how to subtract one. Ay! Then, because she knows she's struggling, she starts to write everything backwards. When she starts writing things backwards, I've got to go super slow through the lesson with her.

Saxon Math comes with flash cards. I don't usually do the flash cards because after the drill sheet/lesson/meeting/worksheet, Abby's kinda math-ed out. The other day, Penny pulled the flashcards off the shelf and Abby saw the bright colored paper and was interested. I put them in a bag and said she could keep them in her bag or the car to practice when she felt like it.

Seven is turning out to be a very difficult age for us. It's been just as hard as the 3.5/4.5 age. What's worse is Vera's having her horrible 4s the same time Abby's doing her cranky 7s. Someone please save me when Penny turns 4, Vera's 7, and Abby's 10! There's been lots of rudeness, tantrums (not the toddler kind, but the stomping off whinning kind), and NOT LISTENING! I've said countless times now, please don't get in Penny's face while she's nursing, and please keep Penny on the ground. Those two things make my blood boil, especially the nursing thing. I know Abby does it because she sees me cuddling Penny to nurse and Abby wants too feel close too, but oooo! Space, child!

I'm working really hard to find my balance with Scott working so much. I feel like we barely get to talk to one another until the weekend. Then the weekends are over before I blink. Plus, I'm cooking now with Scott holding my hand. He'll prep a lot of the harder stuff, like de-bone the chicken, for me. I think he's working this Saturday, too. I teared up when Scott mentioned our nine year wedding annaversary is on Tuesday. I totally forgot. Completely. 

So for anyone looking for gluten free baby wipes, Earth's Best Chlorine free wipes are supposedly gf. I'm waiting to hear back if they are soy free as well. I called the company to check. I like keeping a box of wipes around for travel and such. What do people use for dish soap and dishwasher soap that's gluten/soy free? And bathroom cleaner?

Lastly, Abby's eczema is back. It's environmental. I have my suspicions and I need to remember to mark when it flares.

Scott reading to the girls before bed.


Amy D. said...

I use vinegar and water to clean all the things. And, you know, they sell boneless chicken in the stores ;) (thank goodness because I DO NOT touch raw meat!)

Amy D. said...

Oh, and I keep waiting for the "good year" that I hear tell of. We haven't had one yet with either of the girls. Each age has its unique challenges. Seven and eight are so emotional, dramatic, and full of attitude! Well, since Riley just turned 8, maybe she's on the leftover sevens? Maybe it will get better? Maybe?