Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vera Turns 4

Vera's birthday was on the 12th. It was a quiet day. I made a new favorite for dinner- potato scramble. We had a family party on Saturday. Vera was beyond excited to have a birthday party. Scott made a buffet for nachos and tacos. Mexican food tends to be Penny and Abby safe. I made vegan gluten free cupcakes and no one knew. They came out a bit dense for my liking, but they were still the best gf cupcakes I've ever tasted.

Cute things Vera said about her birthday-
"When I wake up, will I be a different number?"
When she woke up on her birthday, she asked me to measure her hands against mine to see if her fingers had grown.

Today, Scott asked Abby to call his father. Jiji answered the phone by saying hola and began speaking in spanish thinking it was Scott. Abby, holding the phone out, turns to Scott and says, "Dad, your phone turned into Spanish mode somehow."

Penny's been blood free since I've been egg free. Her poos are still icky. I want to try to go package free for three days and see what happens. Otherwise, corn would be my next big elimination. Today was not a good poop day for Penny. She suddenly started screaming, and then pooped, then screamed again. It obviously was a painful poo. We're slowly getting on track again with ec. Thank goodness. I hate piles of dirty diapers! Penny seems to be peeing less too, and that helps. 

We've all got head colds now. I swear we can't catch a break!

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Jac said...

Abby's quote made me laugh out loud :)

Happy Bday V!