Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sick Baby Penny

Penny has a double ear infection and croup.  I had no idea she had an ear infection until the doctor checked her ears.  Penny had no fever, and she was slightly more fussy than usual.  My kids rarely get fevers, so I find it can be hard to tell how sick they are. Anyways, I'm chalking up the mucousy poops to her croup and ears. So eggs are on my safe list for now.  Also, Penny is on antibiotics and a steroid syrup for the barking cough. She's also getting a daily dose of probiotics mixed in homemade beef bone broth or homemade chicken broth. The probiotics have dairy, so it'll be interesting to see if there's any reaction once she's feeling better.

Abby woke up with crusty eyes and nose, and sore throat. It looks like we'll be spending another day at home.  Everyone is drinking bone broth today.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Penny Walks!

Penny is walking. Walking! The kid is nine months old. Friday, she got up and walked across the dinning room and hasn't stopped since. Penny's got people to meet and places to see.

I'm declaring sugar (sugar cane sugar) bad for Penny. I have a feeling eggs are ok. Penny had eggs for breakfast today. That makes two times she's had eggs. But back to the sugar. I'm not supposed to be eating sugar, but yet I fall off the wagon sometimes. Penny pooped, seriously, clear mucous, and it took a painful twenty minutes to pass. No blood though! So far soy and night shades cause bleeding. So I'm thinking sugar is the issue, not the eggs.

Last week was full of beautiful weather. We spent a huge amount of time outside. The girls and I explored Irvine Nature Center. The trails there are super fun. Some are wide and easy and others are narrow. Thursday we played at Rogers Forge the whole day. There's a huge sandbox there and the girls did not want to leave. They miss Coney Island and the beach. Abby said so numerous times that day. Next week is supposed to be nice as well. 

These are from Irvine...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Walking!

I need to make an effort to get more walking in! The girls and I would walk several miles a day in NYC. I think the lack of lots and lots of walking is part of why I haven't felt right since we moved here. Starting next week, I plan to go hiking at least three times a week.

Penny is so close to walking. She cruises and loves, loves to hold a hand and walk. So much so, that she'll walk back and forth in the living room until whoever is holding her hand gets tired. I posted a video to facebook that shows Penny's happy face when she walks.

I've had eggs.  I made gluten free pancakes after our wonderfully delightful maple sugar day at Oregon Ridge. Penny also sampled egg. Nothing seemed to happen, but now she has a diaper rash and green-ish poop. So I'm feeling a little stuck at this point. My no list- gluten, dairy, soy, night shades. My maybe list- eggs. I'm going to sit here for a few days, and retrial eggs over the weekend.

Anyone else struggle with snack/ packable lunch ideas that stay within a primal diet? My issue is that I try to stay vegan as much as possible for breakfast and lunch. I do think there needs to be a fine balance between the meat and veggie ratio. My kids tend to just eat the meat when it's in a meal, so I load them up with veggies before dinner. Anyways, I need some fresh ideas. I should start making the date bars again. It would cut back on my Larabar addiction. Send me your primal snack ideas.

Three kids in the bath! Oh, and this evening while the girls were in the tub, I was thinking how lucky the third child is. She's got her oldest sister who adores everything about her, and wants to do everything for her. Plus, she's got her middle sister to entertain her. :)  

Friday, February 17, 2012


Looks like soy may be an issue after all. I had homemade fried rice last night with tamari and this morning, blood. I had my suspicions when I first had soy and she got the light rash. The next few days will be simple foods, until Penny is back to baseline. Then I'll try eggs.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lesson Learned

Oh. My. Gawd. It's been months since I ate processed crap. Yesterday, I had two hard candies, a marshmallow chocolate, and Annie's gluten free bunny cookies. (It was Valentine's day!) Last night, I was doubled over the toilet. My body just could not handle the sugars. Penny seems ok, though. It's been such a weird journey going gluten/dairy free. 

This morning, I had a Larabar, and for lunch I made kale and mushrooms, with a little less than 2 ounces of bison steak mixed in. I'm feeling better already.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fencing Class!

Abby had her first class today. Excitement! She wore her fencing jacket to class, and would have worn the glove and helmet had I not suggested we take them in a backpack. I didn't realize how technical fencing is. The kids were learning some big terms. They played this game towards the end that was fun to watch. Everyone puts their glove in their belts, then go around trying to grab everyone else's glove. There were times I could hear Abby laughing. I think she likes fencing. ;)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Abby and Dairy

I forgot I wanted to blog about Abby and her vomiting. Five times since the beginning of January, Abby has gotten ill. Something is making her sick. Scott and I both feel it's food related. Either she came into contact with dairy, (and three times I'm positive she did.) Or it's environmental. I'm going to keep another small journal for Abby keeping track of possible dairy exposures. Another thing to take note, is Abby has gotten sick on the day following days where Scott nor I are controlling what she eats. Meaning she's eating packaged food and gluten.


So, what CAN I eat? | normal, like breathing
I love this blog post.

Scott and I ate out last night. It was a wonderful dinner reunion with friends. Eating out fills me with anxiety. The options for a gluten, dairy, egg, allium, and night shade free dinner are super slim. We ate at a burger joint, and I had a plain burger and spinach. I thought for sure Penny would spend all today pooping blood, but she was clear! My only little nagging, worrying thought is what these little red bumps are on her belly. It's not eczema. Scott says it's nothing, just a weird irritation probably caused by her diaper. I hope so.

This week we're adding the onion family back in. I'm excited to eat garlic again. Here's the order of my trials- egg, then dairy, then gluten, then, very slowly, night shades one by one. Even if Penny is not sensitive to gluten, I want to try to maintain a gluten free home. Maybe have pasta once a month. I feel we do better without it. Our heavy veggie-centered diet with organic meats has been good for us. I consider us almost primal at this point.

This week Abby starts fencing! She's psyched. I've got a special Valentine's day lunch planned, and we're going to the Valentine's party at the homeschooling center. We have a busy week planned again.

Vera at homeschool bowling...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Two Weeks!

It's been two weeks of good Penny poo! Celebrate! I had soy sauce last night, and Penny seems ok this morning. I'm going to loosen my soy ban slowly, which will be easy since we try to be as package free as possible. (Larabars are my downfall.) If all goes well, I'm going to try alliums next week.

We were able to take a tour of Greenpeace's new ship, The Rainbow Warrior. It was awesome. Abby asked as we were boarding if girls could live on the ship, and I said of course! We met some pretty cool women on board. ;) Vera was unsure of some of the staircases, but we managed. It really is a pretty freakin' cool ship.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Some pictures

 That there is a Super Bowl/ Valentine's Day cupcake.  

 Abby working on Math

This cracks me up, because Penny is covered in butternut squash. 

Penny at the park.

I decided to start using our nice big digital camera more. :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Still Going Strong.

Penny is still blood free! I trialed corn Friday night. I had a salad and put fresh corn on it. She has a slight diaper rash, which I think is due to her FOUR teeth breaking through. BUT no blood! Next week, I'm going to trial soy by having some soy sauce. For the time being, I'm relaxing my super restriction on corn. I'm having some chicken tomorrow with my roasted root veggies.

My safe food for the next week- root veggies, brussel sprouts, broccoli, greens, olive oil, sea salt, pears, bananas, dates, cashews, squash, pumpkin seeds, coconut, and white rice. I also added my probiotic supplement back in since I've loosened my corn restriction.

I totally believe Penny's teeth are coming in so fast all of a sudden because her body is healing. She's also pointing to things, saying "that", "this", and "yea". I feel like she's had a tremendous mental growth spurt. Oh, and she's not peeing every 20 minutes. Penny went two hours this evening without a pee! She's even staying dry through the night. Some time between 6 am and 8 am, she pees. Amazing. 

My sister came for a hike and dinner today. She brought her dog, and the girls were in heaven to have a dog to take with us on our hike. We went to Patapsco Valley State Park and took the Grist Mill Trail. I want to go back when it isn't so cold, and ride bikes. The trail is nicely paved with smaller dirt trails leading off.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Abby was sick again this morning with a stomach bug. It's really odd.  No one else in the house gets sick.  She never got ill like this in NYC.  I hope Abby makes it through tonight without getting sick.

Penny was as close to baseline as ever Tuesday.  I ate only yams, squash, and grass fed bison for four days.  Tuesday evening, I had a white potato.  Wednesday morning Penny had blood. I'm assuming and hoping I nailed down a positive allergy/sensitivity- potatoes.  So I've cut out the night shade family. The rest of this week I'm eating yams, squash, greens (kale, green lettuce, cilantro), brussel sprouts, broccoli, rutabagas, turnips, pears, beets, plantains, coconut, and carrots.  I made a salad dressing of olive oil, red wine vinegar, and lemon juice.  Anyways, I'm hoping to trial corn with Penny soon.  If I can relax on corn, my life will be so much easier.  But yippee for finally nailing down a sensitivity!  Only took me about six months. Damn.

I have some research to do.  Scott and I need to find a good source for veggies, and I have some links for farms to go through.  The veggies in the grocery stores here suck.  I've found moldy fruits in both Whole Foods and Wegman's.

Our favorite spot to play lately is Oregon Ridge Park.  The girls love to play along the stream and run down the trails.  The woods have been beautiful and it's wonderful to see the girls getting lots of fresh air.  With all this freakishly warm weather, I was able to hike with Penny on my back inside my wrap sweater. Hiking with her on my back is a hundred times easier than her on my front.  I can do so much more.  I think Penny likes it better, too. 

Tomorrow, we've got lessons planned for the morning and homeschool rollerskating if Abby is well.