Sunday, February 12, 2012


So, what CAN I eat? | normal, like breathing
I love this blog post.

Scott and I ate out last night. It was a wonderful dinner reunion with friends. Eating out fills me with anxiety. The options for a gluten, dairy, egg, allium, and night shade free dinner are super slim. We ate at a burger joint, and I had a plain burger and spinach. I thought for sure Penny would spend all today pooping blood, but she was clear! My only little nagging, worrying thought is what these little red bumps are on her belly. It's not eczema. Scott says it's nothing, just a weird irritation probably caused by her diaper. I hope so.

This week we're adding the onion family back in. I'm excited to eat garlic again. Here's the order of my trials- egg, then dairy, then gluten, then, very slowly, night shades one by one. Even if Penny is not sensitive to gluten, I want to try to maintain a gluten free home. Maybe have pasta once a month. I feel we do better without it. Our heavy veggie-centered diet with organic meats has been good for us. I consider us almost primal at this point.

This week Abby starts fencing! She's psyched. I've got a special Valentine's day lunch planned, and we're going to the Valentine's party at the homeschooling center. We have a busy week planned again.

Vera at homeschool bowling...

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