Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Walking!

I need to make an effort to get more walking in! The girls and I would walk several miles a day in NYC. I think the lack of lots and lots of walking is part of why I haven't felt right since we moved here. Starting next week, I plan to go hiking at least three times a week.

Penny is so close to walking. She cruises and loves, loves to hold a hand and walk. So much so, that she'll walk back and forth in the living room until whoever is holding her hand gets tired. I posted a video to facebook that shows Penny's happy face when she walks.

I've had eggs.  I made gluten free pancakes after our wonderfully delightful maple sugar day at Oregon Ridge. Penny also sampled egg. Nothing seemed to happen, but now she has a diaper rash and green-ish poop. So I'm feeling a little stuck at this point. My no list- gluten, dairy, soy, night shades. My maybe list- eggs. I'm going to sit here for a few days, and retrial eggs over the weekend.

Anyone else struggle with snack/ packable lunch ideas that stay within a primal diet? My issue is that I try to stay vegan as much as possible for breakfast and lunch. I do think there needs to be a fine balance between the meat and veggie ratio. My kids tend to just eat the meat when it's in a meal, so I load them up with veggies before dinner. Anyways, I need some fresh ideas. I should start making the date bars again. It would cut back on my Larabar addiction. Send me your primal snack ideas.

Three kids in the bath! Oh, and this evening while the girls were in the tub, I was thinking how lucky the third child is. She's got her oldest sister who adores everything about her, and wants to do everything for her. Plus, she's got her middle sister to entertain her. :)  

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Alyssa said...

What a precious picture of them. They are all blessed to have each other!