Friday, February 24, 2012

Penny Walks!

Penny is walking. Walking! The kid is nine months old. Friday, she got up and walked across the dinning room and hasn't stopped since. Penny's got people to meet and places to see.

I'm declaring sugar (sugar cane sugar) bad for Penny. I have a feeling eggs are ok. Penny had eggs for breakfast today. That makes two times she's had eggs. But back to the sugar. I'm not supposed to be eating sugar, but yet I fall off the wagon sometimes. Penny pooped, seriously, clear mucous, and it took a painful twenty minutes to pass. No blood though! So far soy and night shades cause bleeding. So I'm thinking sugar is the issue, not the eggs.

Last week was full of beautiful weather. We spent a huge amount of time outside. The girls and I explored Irvine Nature Center. The trails there are super fun. Some are wide and easy and others are narrow. Thursday we played at Rogers Forge the whole day. There's a huge sandbox there and the girls did not want to leave. They miss Coney Island and the beach. Abby said so numerous times that day. Next week is supposed to be nice as well. 

These are from Irvine...

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