Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day Three

Yesterday was annoying.  The sewage, yet again, is backing up.  It's the damn tree roots out front.  The neighbors already had their mainline replaced.  It's gross.  The sewage guy is supposed to come this morning, like right now, but he's not here yet.

Scott scheduled an oil change for the Sienna for yesterday afternoon.  One of the back tires kept leaking air too.  It had a nail in the side wall.  Brand new tire ruined.  So the oil change and replacing the tire took two hours.  The girls were done after the first hour.  Our whole afternoon was spent at the Toyota dealership.

There's a four year old boy, A, a few doors down from us, that has befriended Vera.  He's a sweet kid and plays whatever Vera wants to play, even if it means being teased by his older brother.  I have no idea where his parents are.  The other day he had a house key attached to him, but it could have been a play key.  It's sometimes hard to get a straight story out of a four year old.  A is always on our front stoop.  Some days it feels like I have four kids.  I need to find out who his parents are.

Today, we're doing lessons, then heading down to my mom's for dinner.  We pick Scott up tonight.  He has to work Friday, so I won't be able to see or chat with him until Saturday.    

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day Two

Today went smoothly.  We woke up, ate breakfast, went to fencing, did lessons, made dinner, played, bathed, read books, and lights out. There's not enough time in the day, I swear.  It melts away, and before I know it, it's time to be making dinner.

My daily crossfit at home is great.  I got a doorway pull up bar off freecycle.  I've never been able to do a real pull up, and my goal is to do one.  I'm teaching my self the reverse pull up. Start with chin already up over bar, hold, lower slowly until arms are 90 degrees, hold, then lower slowly down.  Supposedly, the idea is that I'm training my muscles to remember the actions while strengthening my body.  I'm hoping to get a barbell with weights off freecycle this weekend. Then I can really push into working out. I don't want a six pack or anything. I want to be strong and healthy. Also, I have this horrible stretched out skin on my belly from three pregnancies, that I would like to see disappear.  It hangs and it's gross.  Oh, and I can hold a headstand. The next step is to learn how to do a handstand.

This might be hard to explain, but I'll try.  Vera is quiet around other kids.  It takes her a bit to warm up.  She also has that sassy, saucy side.  Monday, when she was playing with the other siblings at Girl Scouts, there was a boy her age who was being, well, kinda mean.  He was being four and testing the waters, so to speak.  Vera was trying to play with him in her quiet way.  Anyways, from what I could decipher, he kept telling Vera she was not allowed behind the toy kitchen, and she was being bad. Vera rolled her eyes at him.  She had the most perfect expression of annoyance I have ever seen.  I saw her do this twice to the boy.  I've never seen her do this.  I nearly burst out laughing!  Her expression was perfect.

Abby and Vera are starting to have run ins with Penny.  I say this all. the. time.  If you don't want Penny in your business, then take your business upstairs.  The girls insist on playing downstairs, which is fine, but they don't want Penny to destroy what they have set up.  My rule has always been, even when Vera was Penny's age, the floor is for everyone.  Abby finally compromised and moved her 'house' set up to the stairs.  I can't keep blocking Penny from getting to her every five seconds.  It pisses Penny off.  I also have things I need to do, and can't keep playing referee between 11 month old and seven and four year old.  This is why all the tiny toys (legos, playmobil) are upstairs in their room.

Tomorrow, Vera has nature preschool and in the afternoon, I have to get an oil change for the van.  

Monday, March 26, 2012

Day One

Today, Scott left for a week of corporate training in Illionis. We dropped him off at the airport, then had lunch in Old Ellicott City, then went to Girl Scouts, then home for dinner. Busy day!

I'm still trying to figure out how to get lessons done on days where we're gone in the morning. The later it gets, the harder it is for Abby to focus on her lessons. It's a good thing we do lessons year round! 

Tomorrow, is fencing. That usually takes up a huge chunk of our day. I may start taking Abby's drill sheets for her to do in the car.

Scott made orange popsicles yesterday. I gave one to Penny. It was hard to tell if she didn't like the taste or how cold it was. The faces this kid makes are hilarious. Penny has been eating more and more. Her teeth just exploded in all at once. She has five teeth out and two more poking through. Oh, and she likes asparagus of all things. It makes for a very stinky morning potty pee trip. ;)

In other news, I started a sisterhood with Slings In The City NYC. There's now a Baltimore Slings In The City. It's very exciting. There's a Baltimore babyweaing facebook page. Anyone can join if you want to know about meetings, etc. Also, should be up and running soon too. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Feeling Better

Aside from my left ear still clogged, I'm feeling great. I did crossfit all week at home. The girls and I follow the WOD at We don't have weights, so I skip that part. Plus, I think lifting three kids and babywearing more than makes up for my lack of weightlifting. The constant chane of the WOD keeps the girls interested. It's never the same.

We ended up at Oregon Ridge today. I met another babywearer and homeschooler. I realized something. I am not into the carriers. I'm into the wearing part of babywearing. Does that make sense? This woman was asking me what carriers I've tried, my favorite prints, etc. I couldn't talk shop. I have no idea what the fabric prints are called! Or what's new. My carriers, aside from Penny's Babyhawk, are old. I like to wear my babes- in Mei Tais and wraps- then go hiking! ;) For those interested, there's a Baltimore Babywearing facebook page for meeting alerts, info, and local help.

Monday, March 19, 2012

On The Mend.

Could we all be getting better?! Abby complained today her ears were hurting, but I think it's paranoia. She seems fine. After a few days of antibiotics, my ears are stuffed, but no longer hurting. Now I have the horrible night time dry cough that drives Scott nuts. He said sleeping on the couch would help my cough. ;)
I'm trying to get Scott to join a CrossFit gym. Mostly because I want to join one. There's a CrossFit gym right across from his hotel. Since I can't join one, I'm starting to do a bit of CrossFit at home with the girls. We did some stretching. I found a doorway pull up bar on freecycle, that I'm picking up on Saturday. I'd like to find some medicine balls too.
Penny is a walking machine! She figured out how to stand without holding onto anything. Penny is such a lovey. She gives hugs out of the blue, and she cuddles. I don't want her to turn one in April! She's my baby!   

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sick. Again.

This time I got Vera and Penny's horrible ear infection- with strep. My ear felt like it was going to explode.
Scott and I are starting to wonder if this house is poisoning us. This is getting nutsy!! Why would a strong, healthy family start getting sick constantly?
Has there been ONE week since we moved to Maryland, where we were ALL healthy??

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Quick Penny update- I've reintroduced gluten and dairy, and all seems ok. Though, she's getting over another ear infection and pink eye, so this is huge. (And for those wondering, I'm planning to stay primal as best I can.) No nightshades for my Penny.

Now for my issues. I saw the GI today. I have a colonoscopy for April 2nd. Now, here's what I hope is bothering me- either my adhesions are back (c-sections are EVIL) or some kind of viral/bacterial infection that's not going away. What I hope I don't have is IBS or colitis. My grandmother had colitis. I did have a horrible horrible tummy virus on New Year's Eve. Doc said a bad stomach flu can trigger IBS or colitis. Please, I don't want them. Please let it be nothing. Adhesions I can deal with. Another laproscopic surgery. It'll be over and done with. Until, of course, they come back in another ten years. So yea, my second colonoscopy in seven years. This time, I get to pay for it out of pocket.

Other news, I got a pair of Merrell Barefoot shoes. I love them. I tried the Five Finger shoes. I really wanted to like them, but they are so butt ugly. Vibram needs to make a pair that looks less sporty and more casual. I got the Dash Glove in black/grey. Supposedly, I was supposed to take it slow wearing these shoes, because I'd feel muscles I've never used. I've had no soreness or anything. I do walk barefoot a lot. The only time I wear shoes is when I leave the house. The shoes were great hiking. I'm trying to convince Scott to get a pair.

Penny started saying Abby. Cutest. Thing. EVER.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Penny Allergies.

I feel secure saying Penny seems healed. The dairy laced probiotics haven't done anything weird and I trialed gluten this weekend. Nothing huge happened. No blood, and normal (!) poops for several days. It seems to me Penny needed a few weeks for her gut to heal and a good probiotic. I'm fairly certain she's only allergic to nightshades.

But, I'd like to stay primal, just not super strict primal. I like the way of eating and the lifestyle. I got barefoot shoes, and love them.

Penny and I are sporting matching pink eye infections. Yay. Can I please go one week where no one is ill? Please?? I have my GI appointment on Thursday. I'm terrified my adhesions are back. I'm hoping for something that's cureable without surgery.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I have no idea what is going on. I just keep getting so. Freakin. Sick. Ever since that illness over New Years eve. I hurt. I've probably been sick about 5 times now. That's a lot. I'm so done with whatever this is.

Monday, March 5, 2012

After living for seven years in a small apartment, I'm used to condensing our things. Last Thursday, I realized my bedroom was a vast open space, while the dinning room had stacks of children's books on the floor. I took all the 'adult' books off the bookshelf in the dinning room and moved them up to my bedroom. The kids books are now on the bookshelf and off the floor. There's more space in the dinning room. Oddly, we spend most of our time in the dinning room. It is the warmest and brightest room.

Penny is rockin' a wicked diaper rash. The antibiotics have given her the runs. She'll be done with them soon. Out of all three kids, Penny is the best at avoiding her antibiotics. She blows raspberries into the medicine spoon. Pink mess everywhere. (Update- the rash is subsiding. The dairy-laced probiotics haven't seemed to cause any weird issues. She's having yellow mucous poos now. The green-ish ones have mysteriously vanished.)

Vera had two vaccines on Thursday.  The dtap knocked her off her rocker.  Fever, swollen upper arm.  She was miserable.  Her doctor noticed Vera has a loud heart murmur.  It's got to be benign.  This happened to Abby too.  Vera recently had a huge growth spurt, and her little heart is trying to keep up.  Anyways, she has to see the cardiologist to be sure.