Monday, March 5, 2012

After living for seven years in a small apartment, I'm used to condensing our things. Last Thursday, I realized my bedroom was a vast open space, while the dinning room had stacks of children's books on the floor. I took all the 'adult' books off the bookshelf in the dinning room and moved them up to my bedroom. The kids books are now on the bookshelf and off the floor. There's more space in the dinning room. Oddly, we spend most of our time in the dinning room. It is the warmest and brightest room.

Penny is rockin' a wicked diaper rash. The antibiotics have given her the runs. She'll be done with them soon. Out of all three kids, Penny is the best at avoiding her antibiotics. She blows raspberries into the medicine spoon. Pink mess everywhere. (Update- the rash is subsiding. The dairy-laced probiotics haven't seemed to cause any weird issues. She's having yellow mucous poos now. The green-ish ones have mysteriously vanished.)

Vera had two vaccines on Thursday.  The dtap knocked her off her rocker.  Fever, swollen upper arm.  She was miserable.  Her doctor noticed Vera has a loud heart murmur.  It's got to be benign.  This happened to Abby too.  Vera recently had a huge growth spurt, and her little heart is trying to keep up.  Anyways, she has to see the cardiologist to be sure.


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