Monday, March 26, 2012

Day One

Today, Scott left for a week of corporate training in Illionis. We dropped him off at the airport, then had lunch in Old Ellicott City, then went to Girl Scouts, then home for dinner. Busy day!

I'm still trying to figure out how to get lessons done on days where we're gone in the morning. The later it gets, the harder it is for Abby to focus on her lessons. It's a good thing we do lessons year round! 

Tomorrow, is fencing. That usually takes up a huge chunk of our day. I may start taking Abby's drill sheets for her to do in the car.

Scott made orange popsicles yesterday. I gave one to Penny. It was hard to tell if she didn't like the taste or how cold it was. The faces this kid makes are hilarious. Penny has been eating more and more. Her teeth just exploded in all at once. She has five teeth out and two more poking through. Oh, and she likes asparagus of all things. It makes for a very stinky morning potty pee trip. ;)

In other news, I started a sisterhood with Slings In The City NYC. There's now a Baltimore Slings In The City. It's very exciting. There's a Baltimore babyweaing facebook page. Anyone can join if you want to know about meetings, etc. Also, should be up and running soon too. 

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