Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day Three

Yesterday was annoying.  The sewage, yet again, is backing up.  It's the damn tree roots out front.  The neighbors already had their mainline replaced.  It's gross.  The sewage guy is supposed to come this morning, like right now, but he's not here yet.

Scott scheduled an oil change for the Sienna for yesterday afternoon.  One of the back tires kept leaking air too.  It had a nail in the side wall.  Brand new tire ruined.  So the oil change and replacing the tire took two hours.  The girls were done after the first hour.  Our whole afternoon was spent at the Toyota dealership.

There's a four year old boy, A, a few doors down from us, that has befriended Vera.  He's a sweet kid and plays whatever Vera wants to play, even if it means being teased by his older brother.  I have no idea where his parents are.  The other day he had a house key attached to him, but it could have been a play key.  It's sometimes hard to get a straight story out of a four year old.  A is always on our front stoop.  Some days it feels like I have four kids.  I need to find out who his parents are.

Today, we're doing lessons, then heading down to my mom's for dinner.  We pick Scott up tonight.  He has to work Friday, so I won't be able to see or chat with him until Saturday.    

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