Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day Two

Today went smoothly.  We woke up, ate breakfast, went to fencing, did lessons, made dinner, played, bathed, read books, and lights out. There's not enough time in the day, I swear.  It melts away, and before I know it, it's time to be making dinner.

My daily crossfit at home is great.  I got a doorway pull up bar off freecycle.  I've never been able to do a real pull up, and my goal is to do one.  I'm teaching my self the reverse pull up. Start with chin already up over bar, hold, lower slowly until arms are 90 degrees, hold, then lower slowly down.  Supposedly, the idea is that I'm training my muscles to remember the actions while strengthening my body.  I'm hoping to get a barbell with weights off freecycle this weekend. Then I can really push into working out. I don't want a six pack or anything. I want to be strong and healthy. Also, I have this horrible stretched out skin on my belly from three pregnancies, that I would like to see disappear.  It hangs and it's gross.  Oh, and I can hold a headstand. The next step is to learn how to do a handstand.

This might be hard to explain, but I'll try.  Vera is quiet around other kids.  It takes her a bit to warm up.  She also has that sassy, saucy side.  Monday, when she was playing with the other siblings at Girl Scouts, there was a boy her age who was being, well, kinda mean.  He was being four and testing the waters, so to speak.  Vera was trying to play with him in her quiet way.  Anyways, from what I could decipher, he kept telling Vera she was not allowed behind the toy kitchen, and she was being bad. Vera rolled her eyes at him.  She had the most perfect expression of annoyance I have ever seen.  I saw her do this twice to the boy.  I've never seen her do this.  I nearly burst out laughing!  Her expression was perfect.

Abby and Vera are starting to have run ins with Penny.  I say this all. the. time.  If you don't want Penny in your business, then take your business upstairs.  The girls insist on playing downstairs, which is fine, but they don't want Penny to destroy what they have set up.  My rule has always been, even when Vera was Penny's age, the floor is for everyone.  Abby finally compromised and moved her 'house' set up to the stairs.  I can't keep blocking Penny from getting to her every five seconds.  It pisses Penny off.  I also have things I need to do, and can't keep playing referee between 11 month old and seven and four year old.  This is why all the tiny toys (legos, playmobil) are upstairs in their room.

Tomorrow, Vera has nature preschool and in the afternoon, I have to get an oil change for the van.  

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