Friday, March 23, 2012

Feeling Better

Aside from my left ear still clogged, I'm feeling great. I did crossfit all week at home. The girls and I follow the WOD at We don't have weights, so I skip that part. Plus, I think lifting three kids and babywearing more than makes up for my lack of weightlifting. The constant chane of the WOD keeps the girls interested. It's never the same.

We ended up at Oregon Ridge today. I met another babywearer and homeschooler. I realized something. I am not into the carriers. I'm into the wearing part of babywearing. Does that make sense? This woman was asking me what carriers I've tried, my favorite prints, etc. I couldn't talk shop. I have no idea what the fabric prints are called! Or what's new. My carriers, aside from Penny's Babyhawk, are old. I like to wear my babes- in Mei Tais and wraps- then go hiking! ;) For those interested, there's a Baltimore Babywearing facebook page for meeting alerts, info, and local help.

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