Thursday, March 15, 2012


Quick Penny update- I've reintroduced gluten and dairy, and all seems ok. Though, she's getting over another ear infection and pink eye, so this is huge. (And for those wondering, I'm planning to stay primal as best I can.) No nightshades for my Penny.

Now for my issues. I saw the GI today. I have a colonoscopy for April 2nd. Now, here's what I hope is bothering me- either my adhesions are back (c-sections are EVIL) or some kind of viral/bacterial infection that's not going away. What I hope I don't have is IBS or colitis. My grandmother had colitis. I did have a horrible horrible tummy virus on New Year's Eve. Doc said a bad stomach flu can trigger IBS or colitis. Please, I don't want them. Please let it be nothing. Adhesions I can deal with. Another laproscopic surgery. It'll be over and done with. Until, of course, they come back in another ten years. So yea, my second colonoscopy in seven years. This time, I get to pay for it out of pocket.

Other news, I got a pair of Merrell Barefoot shoes. I love them. I tried the Five Finger shoes. I really wanted to like them, but they are so butt ugly. Vibram needs to make a pair that looks less sporty and more casual. I got the Dash Glove in black/grey. Supposedly, I was supposed to take it slow wearing these shoes, because I'd feel muscles I've never used. I've had no soreness or anything. I do walk barefoot a lot. The only time I wear shoes is when I leave the house. The shoes were great hiking. I'm trying to convince Scott to get a pair.

Penny started saying Abby. Cutest. Thing. EVER.

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Jac said...

Gahhh, sorry, Amy :( Hope it goes your way !!!