Monday, March 19, 2012

On The Mend.

Could we all be getting better?! Abby complained today her ears were hurting, but I think it's paranoia. She seems fine. After a few days of antibiotics, my ears are stuffed, but no longer hurting. Now I have the horrible night time dry cough that drives Scott nuts. He said sleeping on the couch would help my cough. ;)
I'm trying to get Scott to join a CrossFit gym. Mostly because I want to join one. There's a CrossFit gym right across from his hotel. Since I can't join one, I'm starting to do a bit of CrossFit at home with the girls. We did some stretching. I found a doorway pull up bar on freecycle, that I'm picking up on Saturday. I'd like to find some medicine balls too.
Penny is a walking machine! She figured out how to stand without holding onto anything. Penny is such a lovey. She gives hugs out of the blue, and she cuddles. I don't want her to turn one in April! She's my baby!   

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