Monday, March 12, 2012

Penny Allergies.

I feel secure saying Penny seems healed. The dairy laced probiotics haven't done anything weird and I trialed gluten this weekend. Nothing huge happened. No blood, and normal (!) poops for several days. It seems to me Penny needed a few weeks for her gut to heal and a good probiotic. I'm fairly certain she's only allergic to nightshades.

But, I'd like to stay primal, just not super strict primal. I like the way of eating and the lifestyle. I got barefoot shoes, and love them.

Penny and I are sporting matching pink eye infections. Yay. Can I please go one week where no one is ill? Please?? I have my GI appointment on Thursday. I'm terrified my adhesions are back. I'm hoping for something that's cureable without surgery.

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Jac said...

Congrats on nailing the allergies!!! Gotta say, feeling a tad jealous here ;)

Sending healthy thoughts y'all's way :))