Sunday, April 29, 2012

Penny's Birthday Hike

The weather was perfect. Hot in the sun and cool in the shade. We took the trail that runs along the lake, then we cut back to, what we call, the hidden playground. Then the kids played on the beach for a good while. Penny LOVES the lake, and she got to let her bum air out in the sun. ;)

Tomorrow is Penny's actual birthday. A whole year. It doesn't feel like a year has passed.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Penny's Ice Cream Party

We had a very low key birthday party for Penny. (The photos are on Facebook.) She was so confused when we sang Happy Birthday, it was adorable. Everyone had a nice time, and it was great to spend the day with family.

I feel like I'm back to square one with Penny's food issues. This time, it's super hard to pass poos that are hurting her, plus patches of ezcema, and nighttime fussiness. Totally not her MO. It breaks my heart to see her struggle with the poops. Her belly hurts. The symptoms scream dairy. So it's back to square one. I know nightshades cause blood. I know the egg/chicken broth causes a full on reaction. She's had dairy and egg this week, and I have had corn and gluten. Next week, I'll be super strict Paleo. Am I crazy, or do both Penny and I do better when I stay on the Paleo wagon?

Friday, April 27, 2012


I've got blisters on my hands from pull ups, and I'm calling it a pants burn on my tail bone, from my sit ups. Who knew you could get an abrasion on your tail bone from sit ups? I guess I really do have a boney ass. (I did 30 sit ups today! :)

Penny playing with a doll.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yes, I did.

I taped the mail slot shut. After we got home from fencing, K was at our door every ten minutes. Like clockwork. He rings the bell, knocks, and looks in. Sometimes he just opens the flaps and looks in. I had about enough. Am I a bad person for shooing this kid away? Abby was working quietly on lessons, and Vera was absorbed in play. I didn't want another kid to come in and mess with the calm vibe. Plus, when K is in the house, Abby has a hard time concentrating. Once Abby was done, I let him in. Then it's so hard to kick him out again. He. Just. Won't. Leave. I've told K a million times now. He can come in after my girls are done their lessons. If my girls see him outside, and want him to come in, that's fine. Then it's back outside at dinner time. K is not the only one that won't leave once inside my house. The two older girls are the same way. After, I swear, twenty minutes of "Abby, it's time for dinner. Please escort your friends to the door," and Abby telling her friends they had to leave, and the girls not leaving, Scott finally said outright, you have to leave now.

Tomorrow is Vera's last day of nature preschool. I'm going to miss those quiet Wednesday mornings with Abby and Penny.

Penny likes to rough house. She'll tackle me! Penny likes me to roll her around, hang her upside down, and all that other fun swinging stuff. It's kinda hilarious, and so very different from Vera and Abby. On a more serious note, Penny has been biting me. She does the biting while nursing thing, and all my girls went through that. This is biting me while I'm holding her. She made my arm all red, and it hurt, and she kept doing it. I had to put her down. Between Penny and Vera, what is going on with all the biting lately! Cannibals! 

Not sure what order these will post in. (Blogging in bed on my phone. :)  P eating soup before her full on reaction. V with her hair up- a rare occurance and no bushing was involved. A coloring with P.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

An Awesome Title

The prescription the GI gave me in case I got ill again worked like a charm. Without it, I would have been suffering in bed all day. I wish I could have given a pill to Abby. She's fine, but feels and looks like crap. She has an outdoor Girl Scout event tomorrow, and I'm hoping it's cancelled due to rain. Then both of us won't feel bad about missing it. Abby's going to need tomorrow to get her strength back. 

Penny had an obvious allergic reaction this morning, and this evening. For breakfast, I made homemade egg drop soup. It was completely from scratch. Scott made the broth- just chicken, onion, celery, carrots, and thyme strained to make it clear. All I did was scramble some eggs, and gently poured them in to make ribbons. No spices other than salt. This morning, she had hives around her mouth while eating it. I reheated the soup for dinner, and within minutes her eye was itchy red, and bloodshot, with hives around her mouth. She was coughing, and I was scared enough, I gave her benedryl. What does this mean?? I swear, just when you think you've got everything figured out, the kid throws you a curve ball. I really hate food issues. I wish my kids could eat everything. (But more than anything, I can't stand people who don't believe in food allergies and intolerences. I'm not crazy.)

Vera's hair has hit a new level of messy. Since she bit me, I have't attempted to brush her hair. All three girls have a hair appointment May 14th. I can't wait. Vera may end up with a pixie cut, if she won't let me brush her hair soon.  

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The End.

I think this is the end of my full time ec challange. It did help me get back into the groove. I feel more confident putting Penny in undies around the house. I declare this challenge a success.  :)

Abby and I have upset tummies. Again. Though, I'm pretty sure I found the cause. Freakin' pumpkin seeds. Last time I was ill, I had pumpkin seeds as well. They are no longer welcome in our house.  

Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 4?

I can't remember what day I'm on. ;)

Yesterday was great ec-wise.  Very few misses.  I attribute that to staying home, and taking it easy.  We did do a grocery run, and I quickly peed Penny into an open prefold in the car.  Penny didn't need to wear a diaper cover.  Quick side note, Penny's eczema and slight diaper rash is nearly gone.

Today is the big day.  The new sewer line is to be put in at 8am.  I'm excited.  Our townhouse will be perfect once this is finished.  To not have to worry about tree roots and the drains will be wonderful.  Since we'll be home all day with the plumbers, I'm moving the rabbit run from the basement up to the girls' room.  Halston has been in the upstairs bathroom, and for some reason he loves it in there.  I'm talking he gets super excited every time someone opens the bathroom door (which in our house, happens frequently).  Marge is content in the kitchen, with daily access to the living room to run.  So, the girls and I will bring up the grey area rug to protect the carpet in their room, and make a corner for Halston to be happy.  Maybe Vera will sleep in her bed if Halston is in her room.  I can wish can't I? ;)

I fell off the no sugar wagon hard.  It was a good thing we stayed home yesterday.  I felt like crap.  Sugar withdraw is a beast.  I can curb the moodiness with caffeine, but the tummy aches I can't.  I'm such a masochist when it comes to sugar.  So I renewed my commitment to staying primal.  Scott is on board with the no sugar rule, and he's pledged to stay off sugar for awhile.  I think he'd be totally for going all out primal, if he didn't eat lunch at the hotel cafeteria.  His free lunches at work keep our grocery bill down.

I love tiny undies...

Penny's birthday is coming up.  The 29th we're doing a birthday hike.  Everyone is welcome to join us.  Email me for details. :)

There's a SITC babywearing meeting on Saturday.  Email me for details. :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day Three

Two poop misses. The first was one of those moments where I knew Penny needed to go, but I was helping Abby, and couldn't get to Penny in time. The second was while we were out. That was a case of Penny not wanting to sit on the potty long enough to go. But pee-wise, we did pretty well. I haven't put much thought into our car potty issue.

On Friday, we're getting a new sewer line put in. It's time to celebrate! We'll soon have super fast drains, and no more kitchen sink gurgles. Plus, a huge dirt pile out front.

Penny had two vaccines today, so we'll be staying home tomorrow and Friday. The girls and I have a bunch of crafts, work, and the usual lessons to get done. The rainy weather will be perfect.

Vera upset about something...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Day One of Challenge

Today went alright. There were lots of misses this morning. The girls woke up at different times, lessons, and Scott being home threw me off. Once we got going, things settled.

Abby went to Pokemon club. We have no idea how to play, but she has a box full of the tiny monsters from an Ebay win. (One cent for 24 monsters!) I also had to meet a few people to complete a membership for a homeschool group. Anyways, Abby actually had fun and now wants to learn how to play. I had a few misses because of a thrown nap and a forgotten carrier.

Afterwards, I picked up Scott and Vera and we drove out to The Mill to pick up a bale of hay. It's a long drive- 30min one way. So I'm realizing my biggest hurdle is ec'ing and the car. I need to think on it a bit. 

I couldn't find our portable potty. I'm bummed about that. I guess I could use one of our little potties with a container and wipes to clean it out. 

Vera is finally asleep. She had a long evening. Vera does not do well if her body is too hot or too cold. The house is hot tonight.
Abby today after Pokemon:

Sunday, April 15, 2012

EC Challenge

Since moving to Maryland, I've been super lax with ec.  Having carpet really cramps my style.  Vera and Abby were able to have tons of nakey-time, because clean up was easy.  Penny needs to constantly wear something just in case.  Also, I found ec'ing easier while traveling out and about in NYC.  I think it was because I was always wearing a babe, and the girls rarely would pee in a carrier, and would wait until I got where I was going.  The car creates a separation.  So here comes my challenge.  To kick my butt into ec high gear, I'm challenging myself to a week of full time ec.  24 hour ec'ing!  Who's in with me?

I guess the next few posts will be about ec'ing in the 'burbs without a washer/dryer.

My first order of business is to find our tiny portable potty for the car.

These are older photos I found. :)    

Friday, April 13, 2012

Usual Stuff

After my last post, I realized I didn't post about our Easter! We're not big Easter people here. The only people in the house that got something, were the buns.  The girls gave then each a huge carrot and left over greens. Both sets of grandparents got baskets for the girls.  We had lunch with my inlaw's and dinner at my mother's. I thought it was a wonderful, relaxed day. Which reminds me, my mom made this leek dish that was really good. It tasted even better as left overs.

I keep thinking Vera is starting Kindergarten next school year.  She's not! Her birthday is in January, so that means she has another year before kindy.  What I do want to do, is start her on a very easy pre-k lesson plan.  We were doing five minute lessons before I worked with Abby for the day, but it fizzled out after she finished her handwriting book.  But, I think she's ready to start again.  Once we get into a routine with both girls doing lessons, it will make the transition to kindy easier.

Abby is really, really reading now. She doesn't like to venture away from the easy readers, but she can read the level 2 books.  There's still a confidence issue, and sounding out words is hard for her.  Once I tell her a word, she knows it.  Abby isn't mixing up her letters as much as she was, either.  In spelling, she isn't putting the first and last letter of a word first followed by all the middle letters.  Our biggest issue is with numbers.  Abby still reads numbers backwards, and has a very hard time with 2/6 and 3/5.  I know what she means, I correct her, she corrects her mistake, and we move on.  As a side note, when she makes a book on her own, it always opens the wrong way.

Penny loves Halston.  I can't let her mess with Marge, because Margie is quick to bite.  She can't see very well, and when Margie feels trapped she uses her teeth.  Halston is a love bug, though.  He flattens whenever someone pets him.  Penny squishes him.  She tries to feed him by shoving strands of hay into his face.  Anyways, it's adorable, and Halston is such a lump.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

So, yea.

I've put off blogging for days now. Mostly, because I've been feeling generally annoyed. So, yea.

The colonoscopy and the biopsy were normal. The GI frustrated me to no end. He has no thoughts or possible solutions aside from taking Immodium before bed. Uh, no. Ever since the colonoscopy, I've had this weird pain on my left side. Once my insurance kicks in next month, I'm getting an effin physical with all the tests and finding an OB to burn off my adhesions. C-sections suck ass. I hate feeling this way when I'm a perfectly healthy, and strong 30 year old.

Abby is loving fencing. At first, she was shy and unsure about it, but now, she's kickin' ass. I took a video of her fencing today. It's on facebook if you want to watch it. I'm glad she's found something other than dance that she enjoys.

Another happy Abby thing. Her reading has exploded. Thank goodness! I was able to give her spelling work in the car, and she read the directions and work all on her own. This is huge. To be able to give her work in the car is beyond awesome. Abby did spelling and her copywork, leaving us just math and grammer to do at home.

Vera has had several hard nights. She's been waking up moaning and crying. I'm pretty sure it's related to the holiday weekend. Easter candy and loads of gluten makes one cranky Vera. I really wish I had made the gluten connection when she was a baby. The colic and tantrums could have been avoided. Speaking of tantrums, Vera still really hates having her hair brushed. I brushed it the night before Easter Sunday. She bit me. I give up. Everyone likes to give me advice about her hair. How to brush it. What to use and when. Screw it. With family so close, I started brushing it to avoid the constant advice, and the attempts by family members to brush it. It's not worth it. That bite freakin' hurt, and it broke the skin. Her little body shakes with rage, and she honestly cannot control how brushing her hair makes her feel. But, and here's a huge but, Vera will let her hair be brushed and touched by a sylist. Go figure.

Penny is on a food eating rampage. She can't get enough food. My issue is what to give her. For some reason, I have this hang up about feeding her solids. I need to look back through my blog, and see what Vera was eating. Penny also chews funny. Her chewing looks weird to me. Maybe I'm being paranoid. Tonight she had chicken, cheese, and avocado. I'm weary about the dairy. Penny's getting some nasty looking eczema on her legs and arms. Next week, I'm laying off the dairy. My other thought is it's from dogs. We've been around dogs a lot lately. Abby gets wicked eczema from dogs.

Penny nursing after a bath. Feet! :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Results. Sorta.

My colonoscopy was normal. I have to wait until next week for my biopsy results and to talk with the GI. The prep work involved lots of Gatorade, and it gave Penny a nasty diaper rash. Scott did an awesome job sitting with Penny for two and a half hours. I'm curious to see what the doctor says.

I'm having issues with the kids on our block. Our house has become kid central. Kids come and go, in and out of our house, even if my girls are outside. A knocks on our door constantly, at all hours. If I tell him the girls are eating dinner, he's back in ten minutes. He also tells me he's hungry. I tell him to go tell an adult at his house. This week is spring break and if it's a glimpse of what the summer will be like, I'll pass. No boundaries, I tell ya. Tomorrow, I'm setting ground rules. Our door is open so much, I have all kinds of flies. The toys are scattered from one end of the house to out in the front yard. I'm not a daycare center. This afternoon, when a 12 year old girl was searching my kitchen for food, I was done. Everybody out. Maybe I'm mean or not a neighborly person. I don't mind the kids on the front porch. Not in my house all day long.