Sunday, April 22, 2012

An Awesome Title

The prescription the GI gave me in case I got ill again worked like a charm. Without it, I would have been suffering in bed all day. I wish I could have given a pill to Abby. She's fine, but feels and looks like crap. She has an outdoor Girl Scout event tomorrow, and I'm hoping it's cancelled due to rain. Then both of us won't feel bad about missing it. Abby's going to need tomorrow to get her strength back. 

Penny had an obvious allergic reaction this morning, and this evening. For breakfast, I made homemade egg drop soup. It was completely from scratch. Scott made the broth- just chicken, onion, celery, carrots, and thyme strained to make it clear. All I did was scramble some eggs, and gently poured them in to make ribbons. No spices other than salt. This morning, she had hives around her mouth while eating it. I reheated the soup for dinner, and within minutes her eye was itchy red, and bloodshot, with hives around her mouth. She was coughing, and I was scared enough, I gave her benedryl. What does this mean?? I swear, just when you think you've got everything figured out, the kid throws you a curve ball. I really hate food issues. I wish my kids could eat everything. (But more than anything, I can't stand people who don't believe in food allergies and intolerences. I'm not crazy.)

Vera's hair has hit a new level of messy. Since she bit me, I have't attempted to brush her hair. All three girls have a hair appointment May 14th. I can't wait. Vera may end up with a pixie cut, if she won't let me brush her hair soon.  

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