Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 4?

I can't remember what day I'm on. ;)

Yesterday was great ec-wise.  Very few misses.  I attribute that to staying home, and taking it easy.  We did do a grocery run, and I quickly peed Penny into an open prefold in the car.  Penny didn't need to wear a diaper cover.  Quick side note, Penny's eczema and slight diaper rash is nearly gone.

Today is the big day.  The new sewer line is to be put in at 8am.  I'm excited.  Our townhouse will be perfect once this is finished.  To not have to worry about tree roots and the drains will be wonderful.  Since we'll be home all day with the plumbers, I'm moving the rabbit run from the basement up to the girls' room.  Halston has been in the upstairs bathroom, and for some reason he loves it in there.  I'm talking he gets super excited every time someone opens the bathroom door (which in our house, happens frequently).  Marge is content in the kitchen, with daily access to the living room to run.  So, the girls and I will bring up the grey area rug to protect the carpet in their room, and make a corner for Halston to be happy.  Maybe Vera will sleep in her bed if Halston is in her room.  I can wish can't I? ;)

I fell off the no sugar wagon hard.  It was a good thing we stayed home yesterday.  I felt like crap.  Sugar withdraw is a beast.  I can curb the moodiness with caffeine, but the tummy aches I can't.  I'm such a masochist when it comes to sugar.  So I renewed my commitment to staying primal.  Scott is on board with the no sugar rule, and he's pledged to stay off sugar for awhile.  I think he'd be totally for going all out primal, if he didn't eat lunch at the hotel cafeteria.  His free lunches at work keep our grocery bill down.

I love tiny undies...

Penny's birthday is coming up.  The 29th we're doing a birthday hike.  Everyone is welcome to join us.  Email me for details. :)

There's a SITC babywearing meeting on Saturday.  Email me for details. :)

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