Monday, April 16, 2012

Day One of Challenge

Today went alright. There were lots of misses this morning. The girls woke up at different times, lessons, and Scott being home threw me off. Once we got going, things settled.

Abby went to Pokemon club. We have no idea how to play, but she has a box full of the tiny monsters from an Ebay win. (One cent for 24 monsters!) I also had to meet a few people to complete a membership for a homeschool group. Anyways, Abby actually had fun and now wants to learn how to play. I had a few misses because of a thrown nap and a forgotten carrier.

Afterwards, I picked up Scott and Vera and we drove out to The Mill to pick up a bale of hay. It's a long drive- 30min one way. So I'm realizing my biggest hurdle is ec'ing and the car. I need to think on it a bit. 

I couldn't find our portable potty. I'm bummed about that. I guess I could use one of our little potties with a container and wipes to clean it out. 

Vera is finally asleep. She had a long evening. Vera does not do well if her body is too hot or too cold. The house is hot tonight.
Abby today after Pokemon:

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