Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day Three

Two poop misses. The first was one of those moments where I knew Penny needed to go, but I was helping Abby, and couldn't get to Penny in time. The second was while we were out. That was a case of Penny not wanting to sit on the potty long enough to go. But pee-wise, we did pretty well. I haven't put much thought into our car potty issue.

On Friday, we're getting a new sewer line put in. It's time to celebrate! We'll soon have super fast drains, and no more kitchen sink gurgles. Plus, a huge dirt pile out front.

Penny had two vaccines today, so we'll be staying home tomorrow and Friday. The girls and I have a bunch of crafts, work, and the usual lessons to get done. The rainy weather will be perfect.

Vera upset about something...

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