Sunday, April 15, 2012

EC Challenge

Since moving to Maryland, I've been super lax with ec.  Having carpet really cramps my style.  Vera and Abby were able to have tons of nakey-time, because clean up was easy.  Penny needs to constantly wear something just in case.  Also, I found ec'ing easier while traveling out and about in NYC.  I think it was because I was always wearing a babe, and the girls rarely would pee in a carrier, and would wait until I got where I was going.  The car creates a separation.  So here comes my challenge.  To kick my butt into ec high gear, I'm challenging myself to a week of full time ec.  24 hour ec'ing!  Who's in with me?

I guess the next few posts will be about ec'ing in the 'burbs without a washer/dryer.

My first order of business is to find our tiny portable potty for the car.

These are older photos I found. :)    

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