Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Results. Sorta.

My colonoscopy was normal. I have to wait until next week for my biopsy results and to talk with the GI. The prep work involved lots of Gatorade, and it gave Penny a nasty diaper rash. Scott did an awesome job sitting with Penny for two and a half hours. I'm curious to see what the doctor says.

I'm having issues with the kids on our block. Our house has become kid central. Kids come and go, in and out of our house, even if my girls are outside. A knocks on our door constantly, at all hours. If I tell him the girls are eating dinner, he's back in ten minutes. He also tells me he's hungry. I tell him to go tell an adult at his house. This week is spring break and if it's a glimpse of what the summer will be like, I'll pass. No boundaries, I tell ya. Tomorrow, I'm setting ground rules. Our door is open so much, I have all kinds of flies. The toys are scattered from one end of the house to out in the front yard. I'm not a daycare center. This afternoon, when a 12 year old girl was searching my kitchen for food, I was done. Everybody out. Maybe I'm mean or not a neighborly person. I don't mind the kids on the front porch. Not in my house all day long.

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Amy D. said...

You know how they tell ypu not to feed stray cats? It's like that with neighborhood kids. I made that mistake in Colorado and when the kids started telling me what I needed to buy, I lost it! Then a new guy moved in with his kids, and was telling me how great it was living where there are lots of kids, and that they were all at his house having popsicles, and fed them lunch, and isn't it great? And i was like, sucker lol. And then his house was the food house.