Tuesday, April 10, 2012

So, yea.

I've put off blogging for days now. Mostly, because I've been feeling generally annoyed. So, yea.

The colonoscopy and the biopsy were normal. The GI frustrated me to no end. He has no thoughts or possible solutions aside from taking Immodium before bed. Uh, no. Ever since the colonoscopy, I've had this weird pain on my left side. Once my insurance kicks in next month, I'm getting an effin physical with all the tests and finding an OB to burn off my adhesions. C-sections suck ass. I hate feeling this way when I'm a perfectly healthy, and strong 30 year old.

Abby is loving fencing. At first, she was shy and unsure about it, but now, she's kickin' ass. I took a video of her fencing today. It's on facebook if you want to watch it. I'm glad she's found something other than dance that she enjoys.

Another happy Abby thing. Her reading has exploded. Thank goodness! I was able to give her spelling work in the car, and she read the directions and work all on her own. This is huge. To be able to give her work in the car is beyond awesome. Abby did spelling and her copywork, leaving us just math and grammer to do at home.

Vera has had several hard nights. She's been waking up moaning and crying. I'm pretty sure it's related to the holiday weekend. Easter candy and loads of gluten makes one cranky Vera. I really wish I had made the gluten connection when she was a baby. The colic and tantrums could have been avoided. Speaking of tantrums, Vera still really hates having her hair brushed. I brushed it the night before Easter Sunday. She bit me. I give up. Everyone likes to give me advice about her hair. How to brush it. What to use and when. Screw it. With family so close, I started brushing it to avoid the constant advice, and the attempts by family members to brush it. It's not worth it. That bite freakin' hurt, and it broke the skin. Her little body shakes with rage, and she honestly cannot control how brushing her hair makes her feel. But, and here's a huge but, Vera will let her hair be brushed and touched by a sylist. Go figure.

Penny is on a food eating rampage. She can't get enough food. My issue is what to give her. For some reason, I have this hang up about feeding her solids. I need to look back through my blog, and see what Vera was eating. Penny also chews funny. Her chewing looks weird to me. Maybe I'm being paranoid. Tonight she had chicken, cheese, and avocado. I'm weary about the dairy. Penny's getting some nasty looking eczema on her legs and arms. Next week, I'm laying off the dairy. My other thought is it's from dogs. We've been around dogs a lot lately. Abby gets wicked eczema from dogs.

Penny nursing after a bath. Feet! :)

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