Friday, April 13, 2012

Usual Stuff

After my last post, I realized I didn't post about our Easter! We're not big Easter people here. The only people in the house that got something, were the buns.  The girls gave then each a huge carrot and left over greens. Both sets of grandparents got baskets for the girls.  We had lunch with my inlaw's and dinner at my mother's. I thought it was a wonderful, relaxed day. Which reminds me, my mom made this leek dish that was really good. It tasted even better as left overs.

I keep thinking Vera is starting Kindergarten next school year.  She's not! Her birthday is in January, so that means she has another year before kindy.  What I do want to do, is start her on a very easy pre-k lesson plan.  We were doing five minute lessons before I worked with Abby for the day, but it fizzled out after she finished her handwriting book.  But, I think she's ready to start again.  Once we get into a routine with both girls doing lessons, it will make the transition to kindy easier.

Abby is really, really reading now. She doesn't like to venture away from the easy readers, but she can read the level 2 books.  There's still a confidence issue, and sounding out words is hard for her.  Once I tell her a word, she knows it.  Abby isn't mixing up her letters as much as she was, either.  In spelling, she isn't putting the first and last letter of a word first followed by all the middle letters.  Our biggest issue is with numbers.  Abby still reads numbers backwards, and has a very hard time with 2/6 and 3/5.  I know what she means, I correct her, she corrects her mistake, and we move on.  As a side note, when she makes a book on her own, it always opens the wrong way.

Penny loves Halston.  I can't let her mess with Marge, because Margie is quick to bite.  She can't see very well, and when Margie feels trapped she uses her teeth.  Halston is a love bug, though.  He flattens whenever someone pets him.  Penny squishes him.  She tries to feed him by shoving strands of hay into his face.  Anyways, it's adorable, and Halston is such a lump.

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Amy D. said...

Yay for Abby. Also, when Riley writes a book it opens backwards too. You'd think she never saw a book before LOL!