Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yes, I did.

I taped the mail slot shut. After we got home from fencing, K was at our door every ten minutes. Like clockwork. He rings the bell, knocks, and looks in. Sometimes he just opens the flaps and looks in. I had about enough. Am I a bad person for shooing this kid away? Abby was working quietly on lessons, and Vera was absorbed in play. I didn't want another kid to come in and mess with the calm vibe. Plus, when K is in the house, Abby has a hard time concentrating. Once Abby was done, I let him in. Then it's so hard to kick him out again. He. Just. Won't. Leave. I've told K a million times now. He can come in after my girls are done their lessons. If my girls see him outside, and want him to come in, that's fine. Then it's back outside at dinner time. K is not the only one that won't leave once inside my house. The two older girls are the same way. After, I swear, twenty minutes of "Abby, it's time for dinner. Please escort your friends to the door," and Abby telling her friends they had to leave, and the girls not leaving, Scott finally said outright, you have to leave now.

Tomorrow is Vera's last day of nature preschool. I'm going to miss those quiet Wednesday mornings with Abby and Penny.

Penny likes to rough house. She'll tackle me! Penny likes me to roll her around, hang her upside down, and all that other fun swinging stuff. It's kinda hilarious, and so very different from Vera and Abby. On a more serious note, Penny has been biting me. She does the biting while nursing thing, and all my girls went through that. This is biting me while I'm holding her. She made my arm all red, and it hurt, and she kept doing it. I had to put her down. Between Penny and Vera, what is going on with all the biting lately! Cannibals! 

Not sure what order these will post in. (Blogging in bed on my phone. :)  P eating soup before her full on reaction. V with her hair up- a rare occurance and no bushing was involved. A coloring with P.

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Jac said...

Tee hee. Good for you. Duct tape rocks ;)