Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 31, 2012

So, this evening, Penny looks much better. About an hour after taking her anti-histamines, Penny looks almost her self again. What a week. Two er trips, no sleeping, lots of medicine. Penny still has the bruising and welts, but they don't seem to be bothering her.

I didn't do lessons this week. I was too stressed and tired. Next week, it'll be back to the old routine.

Scott's commute is killer. Tuesday, he sat on 495 for 2.5 hours. It took him over three hours to get home. I've been lazily looking for places closer to Tyson's Corner, but are still in Maryland. The other day, I seriously thought about moving back to Brooklyn, and Scott could visit us on the weekends. But, that's a silly idea. Gawd, I miss NYC. I feel like we're on an extended vacation. 

I can't tell if this is a good photo or not, but that's Penny.

Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25, 2012

Scott had today off! Of course, he spent the morning on the phone diffusing issues at the hotel, but by lunch, we were good to go. It was incrediably awesome to have Scott for a whole day after a month straight of working.

I packed the food bag full of nuts, and dried fruits, and Scott made hard boiled eggs for the lake. Technically, the lake at Oregon Ridge is a quarry. There are no natural lakes in Maryland. The middle of the quarry is 45 ft deep, and it's a super quick drop off. My girls are not swimmers, so we have rules about how far, etc when at the lake. Today, however, was the last free day, and the guide ropes were all set up across the lake marking the shallow, safe spots, and the drop offs and deep water. The girls were able to wade out up to their chests without worry. This time, I remembered to bring our newly turned frogs to release back. We stayed most of the day, and then went grocery shopping.

For dinner, Scott roasted some chicken and we had a fresh salad with homemade dressing. Perfect.

Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012

I was sick again last night. It came on very suddenly. I still feel a bit fragile. No idea what set it off. I don't even know what 'it' is. But, last night was not fun. I was vomiting, Penny was screaming, and Scott was half dead from exhustion. Thank goodness for the anti-cramping pills. At least I wasn't in pain all night.

Scott has only had two days off this month. I'm beat, and Scott is fraying at the edges. It's the busy season for him. It will pass. I'm counting down the days to August. I wish I had hired help for the kitchen. The kitchen is impossible to keep clean.

On a more positive note, Penny is growing like a weed. She understands more and more, and wants to play. Vera was playing dress up and dancing, and Penny comes to me with a superhero cape wanting to put it on. I love those moments.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20, 2012

Yesterday was a really great and relaxed day.  We met my good friend of 13 years, A at Oregon Ridge.  There was a some what short hike, followed by lake fun.  The girls came home sandy and dirty, two sure signs of hard play.

I saw an audiobook copy of Beyond The Sling at the library, and checked it out. It's really good. I would completely reccomend it to any pregnant/new moms. The chapters on babywearing and elimination communication were the best I have heard yet. I love that she says carriers are like shoes. That's what I've been saying for years! You gotta try different carriers on before you settle on one to buy! She makes ec sound sane. ;)

On the topic of ec, I think I have figured out the car/pottying issue. Since we moved the center seats together, there's a nice spot on the floor by the passenger side door. A prefold lays nicely there, and I potty Penny right onto the prefold, holding her in the typical ec fashion. It's been working nicely. As long as Vera doesn't see poop, we're golden. Vera has the worst gag reflex when she sees poop or spit up. Like she dry heaves gags. One of these days, she might actually throw up. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17, 2012

We've had a good week.  We've stayed pretty local, going to the park near us almost daily.  I wish I could walk to it.  Driving is nice and all, but sometimes I would love to just walk.

The other night, Scott and I were lamenting about how much we miss NYC.  He wants to go back in a few years, just as much as I do.

Abby and I are easing into our summer lessons.  She has 40 math lessons left in Math 3.  Grammer for second grade is finished, two weeks of spelling left, and ten weeks of writing left.  I added on Story of the World Volume Two, and daily science. So summer will be mostly math, history, and science.

And onto my daily saga with the kids on the block.  These kids really do drive me nuts.  As soon as our car is spotted, they come running.  Seriously, give us a few minutes to get settled, and put our bags down! I've never had to mediate as much as I do now.  There is constant exclusion, and bodily harm threats.  Did I blog about the water gun debacle?  That is a great example.  I have three water guns.  Two small ones and one huge water cannon.  No one was outside, but my girls and I.  It was hot, and I brought out the guns.  No one else was around to cause issue over not enough guns.  R, from across the street who is 7, came out and started to play.  His mother was outside.  No problem.  The kids all took turns with the guns and cannon, and followed my rules.  My rules for water gun play are as follows:

1. If someone yells refill, they are off limits.
2. A person without a water gun is off limits.

Simple.  Abby, Vera, and R were following them nicely, until the other kids showed up.  K, S, and F.  K is the four year old boy that comes over nearly daily.  S and F are sisters 8 and 9, I believe, and live across the street as well.  Then all hell broke loose.  S and F said they couldn't get wet, but wanted to squirt the other kids.  K took a water gun from Vera and started squirting people, and then got pissed when he got squirted back.  Lots of whining and yelling from S, F, and R, so I took all the guns back inside.  Then it was whine central. "I didn't get a turn!  It's not fair!" Then I, for the HUNDREDTH time, explained the rules yet again to S and F.  Then there was whining from S and F because I wouldn't bring out other toys.  I went inside and the kids all turned on each other.  More yelling, and threats, then pushing between the boys.  I brought my kids inside.  Then whining from S and F for bringing my girls in.

All that to say, there are days I want to ignore the doorbell.  Like today.  Abby was having issues playing outside, so I told her to come in.  Vera is outside with K playing trucks.

Scott is working all weekend.  Sometimes I feel like I'm married to a voice on the phone.  I can't wait for summer.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was wonderful. Scott and Vera made a delicous breakfast- eggs with onions and mushrooms, a side of bacon, and a bowl of perfect berries. A primal breakfast. Then, best of all, the girls got their hair cut. Vera's hair is a million times better. It's back to its normal super short bob stacked in the back. Abby wanted her hair to stay long, and so she had it cut to her shoulders. Penny got a bob like Vera's. Now Penny really looks like Abby and Vera. I gave Penny a Grandma popsicle and eventually, she had to watch something on my phone to stay still. But, she didn't cry or squirm too much. My cousin was awesome. I hope she'll come back in two months. :) After cuts, we drove to Howard County to say hi to my mom and meet Scott's family for dinner. A nice day.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 9, 2012

We had two cancellations this week. No fencing due to sewage(!). Today, a Girl Scout trip because of weather and illness. Tomorrow and Friday I have nothing planned.

Tuesday, I took the girls to OR. It started raining on the way, and instead of turning around, I said what the hell, and kept driving. We took a very interesting, rainy, wet hike. Abby and I spotted a deer leg in a tree. It wasn't fresh, thank gods, but it was creepy. I walked further on, and Abby finally said she was freaked out. I said I was too. Then, Vera started getting the jitters. A combination of the rain, quiet woods, and a dead deer leg made us run like scared little girls down the trail. We went to the nature center and talked to the volunteer/ranger/naturalist/man-guy about it. Hunters hunt around the outskirts of the park and leave the legs. An animal most likely dragged it back into the park. But here is where I wonder. How did the leg end up in a tree? Why would a human throw a deer leg over a tree branch? The people I've met on the trails at OR, do not seem to be the kinds of people that throw dead deer legs. So I googled wild cats in MD. Bobcats! Bobcats! Who knew bobcats were in MD? Which brings me to my next issue. What kinds of things should one keep in the car at all times, if one goes into the woods multiple times a week, with three young kids? (That sounds really fishy, ha!) What kind of first aid kit?

Penny pooped blood on Monday. :( Sunday was kind of a free for all food day, since we ate out both lunch and dinner. She hasn't pooped in two days. Not normal for her. So I'm hoping she'll have a bm tomorrow.    

I got a new mei tai. It's a Kozy. Wow! I'm in love. It feels great, and Penny looks good in it. I can't wait to take it on a long hike.

Photo captions- the new Kozy. The girls playing at the lake in the rain. The girls running to the head of the trail before we saw the deer leg.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Three Crazy Days

It's been non-stop action here. The girls and I got to spend two wonderful days with good friends from NYC. A beach day at Oregon Ridge, followed by an afternoon in Patterson Park watching the Kinetic Sculpture Race. It was really good to see friends. Abby was in heaven. It made me miss Brooklyn. A lot.

Today, we went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I wish I was a knitter. But, alas, I am not. I have tried numerous times, and, well, crafting is not me. I can't get into it. I love handmade things, and I will gladly buy handmade, and encourage my mom to constantly knit. :) Abby isn't much of a crafter either. Vera would probably love knitting/sewing. Anyways, seeing all the beautiful yarns makes me envious of those that can/like to knit. I also want a lamb to keep in my backyard. ;)

Quick Penny tummy update. Her poos have been a mix of breastmilk poo and solid poo. I've cut waaay down on her fruit consumption, like a few bites of banana or one of Grandma's homemade juice pops. That seems to have helped the wicked dry, hard poos. She had her first taste of a graham cracker on Saturday. Penny loved it. She kept saying, "num num num!" Which means, "Give me more of THAT!" There was no direct reaction, and no poop today. That was her first ever taste of wheat. Penny went her whole first year without tasting a grain other than rice. 

Wandering in the woods with wonderful friends...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Penny's One!

Yesterday was Penny's actual birthday. The girls and I stayed close to home. The sky constantly looked like it would rain.  We did head over to the Tot Lot to play in the sand box. 

Scott and I decided not to get any presents for Penny. She's one. I don't think she'll notice. Though, it makes me feel like a horrible mother anyway. So her actual birthday was a bit anti-climatic. Just another day.

Tomorrow, Abby has her first of three dentist appointments. Her molar is getting a silver cap (gasp!) It's going to fall out when she turns about ten, and we need it to stay there a bit longer.

The girls on Penny's birthday.

My new favorite trainer- non-waterproof Ecapants. I have several waterproof ones in small that are great, but the non-waterproof ones are a hundred times better. If I need them to be waterproof, I just throw a cover over. The prints are cute, too.