Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17, 2012

We've had a good week.  We've stayed pretty local, going to the park near us almost daily.  I wish I could walk to it.  Driving is nice and all, but sometimes I would love to just walk.

The other night, Scott and I were lamenting about how much we miss NYC.  He wants to go back in a few years, just as much as I do.

Abby and I are easing into our summer lessons.  She has 40 math lessons left in Math 3.  Grammer for second grade is finished, two weeks of spelling left, and ten weeks of writing left.  I added on Story of the World Volume Two, and daily science. So summer will be mostly math, history, and science.

And onto my daily saga with the kids on the block.  These kids really do drive me nuts.  As soon as our car is spotted, they come running.  Seriously, give us a few minutes to get settled, and put our bags down! I've never had to mediate as much as I do now.  There is constant exclusion, and bodily harm threats.  Did I blog about the water gun debacle?  That is a great example.  I have three water guns.  Two small ones and one huge water cannon.  No one was outside, but my girls and I.  It was hot, and I brought out the guns.  No one else was around to cause issue over not enough guns.  R, from across the street who is 7, came out and started to play.  His mother was outside.  No problem.  The kids all took turns with the guns and cannon, and followed my rules.  My rules for water gun play are as follows:

1. If someone yells refill, they are off limits.
2. A person without a water gun is off limits.

Simple.  Abby, Vera, and R were following them nicely, until the other kids showed up.  K, S, and F.  K is the four year old boy that comes over nearly daily.  S and F are sisters 8 and 9, I believe, and live across the street as well.  Then all hell broke loose.  S and F said they couldn't get wet, but wanted to squirt the other kids.  K took a water gun from Vera and started squirting people, and then got pissed when he got squirted back.  Lots of whining and yelling from S, F, and R, so I took all the guns back inside.  Then it was whine central. "I didn't get a turn!  It's not fair!" Then I, for the HUNDREDTH time, explained the rules yet again to S and F.  Then there was whining from S and F because I wouldn't bring out other toys.  I went inside and the kids all turned on each other.  More yelling, and threats, then pushing between the boys.  I brought my kids inside.  Then whining from S and F for bringing my girls in.

All that to say, there are days I want to ignore the doorbell.  Like today.  Abby was having issues playing outside, so I told her to come in.  Vera is outside with K playing trucks.

Scott is working all weekend.  Sometimes I feel like I'm married to a voice on the phone.  I can't wait for summer.

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Alyssa said...

What a pain that the kids cannot play by easy rules. It's sad, really. And sorry about your hubby working. I know it's challenging and makes for long days. It will get better. It has to right?