Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20, 2012

Yesterday was a really great and relaxed day.  We met my good friend of 13 years, A at Oregon Ridge.  There was a some what short hike, followed by lake fun.  The girls came home sandy and dirty, two sure signs of hard play.

I saw an audiobook copy of Beyond The Sling at the library, and checked it out. It's really good. I would completely reccomend it to any pregnant/new moms. The chapters on babywearing and elimination communication were the best I have heard yet. I love that she says carriers are like shoes. That's what I've been saying for years! You gotta try different carriers on before you settle on one to buy! She makes ec sound sane. ;)

On the topic of ec, I think I have figured out the car/pottying issue. Since we moved the center seats together, there's a nice spot on the floor by the passenger side door. A prefold lays nicely there, and I potty Penny right onto the prefold, holding her in the typical ec fashion. It's been working nicely. As long as Vera doesn't see poop, we're golden. Vera has the worst gag reflex when she sees poop or spit up. Like she dry heaves gags. One of these days, she might actually throw up. 

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