Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 9, 2012

We had two cancellations this week. No fencing due to sewage(!). Today, a Girl Scout trip because of weather and illness. Tomorrow and Friday I have nothing planned.

Tuesday, I took the girls to OR. It started raining on the way, and instead of turning around, I said what the hell, and kept driving. We took a very interesting, rainy, wet hike. Abby and I spotted a deer leg in a tree. It wasn't fresh, thank gods, but it was creepy. I walked further on, and Abby finally said she was freaked out. I said I was too. Then, Vera started getting the jitters. A combination of the rain, quiet woods, and a dead deer leg made us run like scared little girls down the trail. We went to the nature center and talked to the volunteer/ranger/naturalist/man-guy about it. Hunters hunt around the outskirts of the park and leave the legs. An animal most likely dragged it back into the park. But here is where I wonder. How did the leg end up in a tree? Why would a human throw a deer leg over a tree branch? The people I've met on the trails at OR, do not seem to be the kinds of people that throw dead deer legs. So I googled wild cats in MD. Bobcats! Bobcats! Who knew bobcats were in MD? Which brings me to my next issue. What kinds of things should one keep in the car at all times, if one goes into the woods multiple times a week, with three young kids? (That sounds really fishy, ha!) What kind of first aid kit?

Penny pooped blood on Monday. :( Sunday was kind of a free for all food day, since we ate out both lunch and dinner. She hasn't pooped in two days. Not normal for her. So I'm hoping she'll have a bm tomorrow.    

I got a new mei tai. It's a Kozy. Wow! I'm in love. It feels great, and Penny looks good in it. I can't wait to take it on a long hike.

Photo captions- the new Kozy. The girls playing at the lake in the rain. The girls running to the head of the trail before we saw the deer leg.

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Amy D. said...

Oh, don't worry about bobcats! They are quite small and no threat to humans. If the girls need reassurance, why not get them jingle anklets to warn animals that humans are near? We got some at a RenFest, but I'm sure they can be found easily and cheaply online. As far as first aid, I'd say the standard would suffice, but I'd definitely make sure there are tweezers. Splinters are the only thing I can think of that are particular to the woods. Maybe (maybe?) ipecac if you're worried one of the girls might eat, say, a questionable mushroom or something ;)