Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was wonderful. Scott and Vera made a delicous breakfast- eggs with onions and mushrooms, a side of bacon, and a bowl of perfect berries. A primal breakfast. Then, best of all, the girls got their hair cut. Vera's hair is a million times better. It's back to its normal super short bob stacked in the back. Abby wanted her hair to stay long, and so she had it cut to her shoulders. Penny got a bob like Vera's. Now Penny really looks like Abby and Vera. I gave Penny a Grandma popsicle and eventually, she had to watch something on my phone to stay still. But, she didn't cry or squirm too much. My cousin was awesome. I hope she'll come back in two months. :) After cuts, we drove to Howard County to say hi to my mom and meet Scott's family for dinner. A nice day.

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