Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Penny's One!

Yesterday was Penny's actual birthday. The girls and I stayed close to home. The sky constantly looked like it would rain.  We did head over to the Tot Lot to play in the sand box. 

Scott and I decided not to get any presents for Penny. She's one. I don't think she'll notice. Though, it makes me feel like a horrible mother anyway. So her actual birthday was a bit anti-climatic. Just another day.

Tomorrow, Abby has her first of three dentist appointments. Her molar is getting a silver cap (gasp!) It's going to fall out when she turns about ten, and we need it to stay there a bit longer.

The girls on Penny's birthday.

My new favorite trainer- non-waterproof Ecapants. I have several waterproof ones in small that are great, but the non-waterproof ones are a hundred times better. If I need them to be waterproof, I just throw a cover over. The prints are cute, too.

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