Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 27, 2012

So Penny and I did a mini gluten trial, and I'm declaring it a fail. The first test was a bowl of pasta that just I ate. I started to feel nauseous a little more than half way through. That night Penny was restless, and slept horribly. A week later I tried again, thinking it's just in my head, or maybe something else was bothering me. No such luck. Had to take a pepto to settle my belly. Penny also joyfully ate pasta with me. I was hoping her crankiness and sleeplessness was teething from the previous week, but last night was Horrible. Both of us were up. This time even Scott said no more gluten for either of us. There it is. I don't want to be sick anymore.

There's a shot of some work from Abby's math lesson from today. She understood how to do it after just one example. I never learned how to multiply using this short cut. It's pretty awesome, and so easy! We're also rocking through science and history with geography work thrown in.

A list of books I need to get part A...
Spelling Workout B student workbook
First Language Lessons 3 + workbook
Writing With Ease 3 workbook
Lively Latin online
Saxon Math 3/4 (I think that's what it's called. It's the new math 3 that's like Math 4/5, but not the pk- 3 program we're finishing now. I don't think we're ready for 4/5 just yet.)

Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012

Just a quick post. It's past midnight, and I should be sleeping.

We had a relaxed, but busy weekend. Friday was perfect. I took the girls to Gunpowder for swimming and fun with our Friday hiking group. Vera spent the whole day floating around in the water on a floaty. I slathered all three with sun screen all day, but Vera's arms still got too much sun. She should really have a long-sleeved sun shirt if she's going to be floating all day. The short-sleeved one Vera has, ended up giving her a farmer's tan.

Since we spent all day Friday in the sun, we looked for indoor things to do for Saturday and Sunday. For some reason, I thought the Walter's Art Museum was not free. It's free. The girls loved it, and it brought back college memories for Scott and I. Abby totally got into the family guide packs, which are really nicely done. Probably the best guide packs I've seen in a museum. They are envelopes with thick cardstock cards with a picture of a piece on one side, and descriptions and thinking questions on the back. Abby enjoyed trying to find all the artwork on the cards, and listened intently to the descriptions. This was a first for us. Before we left, we checked out the family area on the lower level, and it did not disappoint. The girls' were upset we didn't have enough time to play there. They have a full rack of dress up clothes, need I say more? I promised we'd go back when the art cart is out, and they can do an art craft.

Sunday, we went to the BMA. The BMA was not as fun as The Walter's for the girls. The fourth Sunday of the month does not have a free lesson with a hands on craft. It's a guided tour. So, we skipped the tour and roamed around a bit. The best part was the Soundhiem winners exhibit from Artscape. The pieces were fascinating and thought provoking. Abby and Vera were both captivated by several pieces. Anytime art makes my kids stop and wonder, or even feel freaked out, I consider that a win.
Penny is not an easy museum goer. At The Walter's, she kept running off, slapping the display cases, squealing, and causing general chaos. When we went to the BMA, I kept her in the carrier the whole time. I let her run about when we got to the sculpture garden. Penny's new thing is to take off running. I put her down, and she's off. I'm not sure if I could do a museum trip without extra hands while Penny is in this new phase. She's just having fun running and squealing, while I have minor heart attacks everytime I turn around and she's gone.

In no order, are some pictures from this weekend.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 17, 2012

We had a quiet Father's Day. I attempted to make breakfast. Abby said the eggs were dry, and Vera said they were too flat. I tried. We took the girls bike riding in the afternoon, and then met with Scott's family for dinner. 

It's supposed to be wicked hot this week, and I have an outdoor babywearing meeting planned for Wednesday. I might have to hold it in my house.

Penny is entering her toddlerhood much faster than I would like. She's running! She has her own language, and she plays. Penny is very much like Abby as a baby. Outgoing and happy. It's fascinating to see how siblings grow. Vera was, and is, so very different.

Oh! Penny has sat on the potty all by herself a few times. She can't take her diapers off, but she knows where to go.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 14, 2012

Abby finished Spelling Workout A, so we're down to Math 3 and Writing With Ease 2 as our core lessons, with science and geography thrown in.  Abby's reading has exploded.  I still can't convince her to read a chapter book.  I'm pretty sure she's more than able.  Her performance anxiety can be crippling.    It's obvious when she fells overwhelmed.  She does everything backwards, and freezes up.  (I still have my suspicions of dyslexia.  Abby can mix things up even when not flustered.)  I sometimes worry how this will affect her in real life situations.  Abby needs some serious ego boosting when it comes to reading.  Aside from letting her go at her own pace, which is what I've been doing, any ideas?  The library summer reading program caused her to read on her own, but she'll only read the Fancy Nancy easy readers.

Vera wants to read, really read, really bad.  She can do the Bob Books, mostly because she has them memorized, which is a step towards reading.  Last night, she was kind of upset before bed, because she said I wasn't teaching her to read.  Um, I am.  It's not happening as fast as Vera would like.  Vera, like Abby, does not like the Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading.  That book is cursed.  I should sell it.  So, we do Bob Books, and lots of pointing while reading aloud, and talking about what sounds letters make.  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 10, 2012

Today was busy, but relaxed. We did our weekly grocery shopping in the morning, went home for lunch, and then drove to Gunpowder Falls State Park to swim. Scott and I solved our summer swimming dilema. Gunpowder was much closer than I originally thought. It takes the same amount of time as a subway ride from Sunset Park to Coney Island, about 20 minutes. So, eventually, we'd like to get a state park passport. The passport would also give us an excuse to explore other state parks. It's 75$ for the year, and that beats the 500$ and more to join a pool for the summer. 

Photos from a year ago. The girls at our most favorite water park- Owl's Head.

A silly Penny. :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 9, 2012

After three days of sickness and feeling like utter crap, the week got better Thursday. I took the girls to the last rollerskating session until fall on Thursday afternoon. On Friday, we met up with a great bunch of moms and kids for a group hike. Today, we tried to soak up as much Scott time as possible, while getting chores done. For dinner tonight, Scott made kabobs and quickly grilled them at his parents' place, running them home while they were still hot. We ate them over fresh greens. For desert, fresh watermelon and mango slices. Tomorrow, we're going to try to go swimming at Gun Powder.

I feel great right now. I've stayed strictly primal all week. Scott thinks something happened when I got really really sick in January. That that virus totally messed up my system, and made it super sensitive. All I know is, whenever I eat too much gluten or sugar, I crash h a r d. (And yet, I never seem to learn!)


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 5, 2012

Last weekend was amazing, and filled with friends from NYC. One of the best weekends in such a long time. Friday night, K and her family stopped by. We had dinner, and chatted, and played. Saturday, we drove to VA to meet up with L and her family. The whole day filled me with joy. Joy at seeing a close friend. Joy at seeing my girls so happy to be with M. Then we had to head home, and I tried so hard not to cry. We'll see them again at the end of the month. Sunday, we drove to Scott's brother's house, and had dinner.

I feel like I'm constantly blogging about illness, but I'm sick today. Stupid stomach acting up. The weather was so beautiful outside, I forced myself to take the girls to the park. When we got home, I crashed. Abby wanted my attention, and got angry. Penny was napping, and I so desperately needed to lay down for twenty minutes. 

Yesterday, we made playdough. I found some old food dye, and the girls had fun mixing the colors into the dough. Penny kept busy squishing small balls of dough.

Abby's math lesson had her playing a game called "Cash or Prize". Instead of pictures of "prizes", I got Izze sodas and fruit leather. Abby had to win the treats for her and Vera. That math lesson went super fast.