Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 14, 2012

Abby finished Spelling Workout A, so we're down to Math 3 and Writing With Ease 2 as our core lessons, with science and geography thrown in.  Abby's reading has exploded.  I still can't convince her to read a chapter book.  I'm pretty sure she's more than able.  Her performance anxiety can be crippling.    It's obvious when she fells overwhelmed.  She does everything backwards, and freezes up.  (I still have my suspicions of dyslexia.  Abby can mix things up even when not flustered.)  I sometimes worry how this will affect her in real life situations.  Abby needs some serious ego boosting when it comes to reading.  Aside from letting her go at her own pace, which is what I've been doing, any ideas?  The library summer reading program caused her to read on her own, but she'll only read the Fancy Nancy easy readers.

Vera wants to read, really read, really bad.  She can do the Bob Books, mostly because she has them memorized, which is a step towards reading.  Last night, she was kind of upset before bed, because she said I wasn't teaching her to read.  Um, I am.  It's not happening as fast as Vera would like.  Vera, like Abby, does not like the Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading.  That book is cursed.  I should sell it.  So, we do Bob Books, and lots of pointing while reading aloud, and talking about what sounds letters make.  

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Amy D. said...

Could you get her, like, some magic treehouse books as well as the audiobooks, and gave her read along for a chapter then read a chapter to herself? Riley is still really intimidated by long books, and it has helped her. Reading aloud is really stressful for just about everyone ;).