Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 5, 2012

Last weekend was amazing, and filled with friends from NYC. One of the best weekends in such a long time. Friday night, K and her family stopped by. We had dinner, and chatted, and played. Saturday, we drove to VA to meet up with L and her family. The whole day filled me with joy. Joy at seeing a close friend. Joy at seeing my girls so happy to be with M. Then we had to head home, and I tried so hard not to cry. We'll see them again at the end of the month. Sunday, we drove to Scott's brother's house, and had dinner.

I feel like I'm constantly blogging about illness, but I'm sick today. Stupid stomach acting up. The weather was so beautiful outside, I forced myself to take the girls to the park. When we got home, I crashed. Abby wanted my attention, and got angry. Penny was napping, and I so desperately needed to lay down for twenty minutes. 

Yesterday, we made playdough. I found some old food dye, and the girls had fun mixing the colors into the dough. Penny kept busy squishing small balls of dough.

Abby's math lesson had her playing a game called "Cash or Prize". Instead of pictures of "prizes", I got Izze sodas and fruit leather. Abby had to win the treats for her and Vera. That math lesson went super fast.

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