Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 9, 2012

After three days of sickness and feeling like utter crap, the week got better Thursday. I took the girls to the last rollerskating session until fall on Thursday afternoon. On Friday, we met up with a great bunch of moms and kids for a group hike. Today, we tried to soak up as much Scott time as possible, while getting chores done. For dinner tonight, Scott made kabobs and quickly grilled them at his parents' place, running them home while they were still hot. We ate them over fresh greens. For desert, fresh watermelon and mango slices. Tomorrow, we're going to try to go swimming at Gun Powder.

I feel great right now. I've stayed strictly primal all week. Scott thinks something happened when I got really really sick in January. That that virus totally messed up my system, and made it super sensitive. All I know is, whenever I eat too much gluten or sugar, I crash h a r d. (And yet, I never seem to learn!)


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Alyssa said...

Yummy gluten and sugar. It's evil yet yummers! Hope you are feeling better@