Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 31, 2012

Prunes = ec fail. Wow. Prunes literally went right through Penny.

Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30, 2012

Scott decided to go primal. I'm holding him to his decision! He's pretty much already primal, because he eats what I eat, but this will change what he eats at work, in the morning, and on the weekends. Woohoo!

Abby and Vera were practising their somersaults, and Penny joined in. She can somersault. It's hilarious and scary all at the same time.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 29, 2012

Scott and I cleaned and vacuumed out the cars today. The van was just plain dirty. We spend so much time outside in mud and dirt. I could have made a mini beach with all the sand in the trunk!

Now for my Olympics rant. We don't have cable. I refuse to pay for 100+ channels of crap that we won't watch. (We do have a Roku and a Bluray player. Scott and I are film geeks after all.) Since we don't have cable, we can't watch the Olympics. We can't even watch them streaming live on the internet without a tv cable connection. There's no work around. I could go out, and get a digital antenna, but I don't want to spend the money, and the events we want to see are on NBC's cable stations anyways. Even NBC's freakin' Oympic andriod app requires wifi and your tv cable id. Fuck that. I even tried using someone else's id. Aren't the Olympics supposed to be for everyone, or am I missing something?

So, we went to the inlaws to watch the opening ceremony, and a few highlights, like Phelps getting his priveleged ass handed to him during the 400 IM. (Does anyone else think Lochte is primal and a Crossfit nut?) Abby got to watch the women's foil fencing finals.

I went to staples and made copies of the last Math 3 lessons. It's cheaper to make copies at Staples, than buying new ink for our printer. My fantasy is to have an industial copier/printer in my house. I could set up the basement as a Kinkos. Once it's Penny's turn to use all these workbooks, she's going to write right on them.

Friday, July 27, 2012

July 27, 2012

Penny is in love with playdough. She took a taste once, but decided she'd rather smoosh it than eat it. Maybe she likes it because it's one of the few things she can do with the older girls. As a side note, Penny always grabs the white colored crayon. I find that interesting. Why not a crayon that makes a mark, like blue? Or red? Why white? Though, when she has crayons or a pencil, I have to watch her like a hawk, because she loves to draw on the walls. To just run her crayon or whatever up and down on the wall. My other ones never drew on the walls. Penny seems to get pure pleasure out of it.

There's a fiesty-ness emerging from Penny. When she wants something, she wants it. Oh my, I'm sure people down the block can hear her protests. Penny adores picking out her clothes, but her favorite thing to put on are undies. More specifically, Vera's undies. The other day, Vera was getting dressed, and Penny comes over, and Penny tries to take Vera's undies AS Vera was trying to put them on. And Penny got m a d because Vera wouldn't give her the darn undies. Yesterday, she had on two pairs of Vera's undies, and today, we had to take a pair with us to the park. So weird, this child.

We watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics tonight. Kind of a let down. It started off strong, then seriously fizzled. Abby really wanted to watch the Americans walk since the flag bearer was the captain for the women's fencing team. But we were having electrical issues, and the tv kept turning off, a sign to go to bed.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22, 2012

I've felt so much better this week! I've been keeping Paleo. Scott has declared I'm to really try to stay away from gluten.

Vera did ok with camp. She had nightmares Tuesday and Wednesday night. Wednesday was a particularly hard day for her. It sounded like Vera got pushed around a bit. She didn't want to go to camp Thursday, so I kept her home. She did ask to go back Friday, and it was a good day. We ended our summer camp adventure on a good note.

Funny Abby story- we were driving somewhere, and I said it looks like it's going to rain finally. Abby says, "That's great! Then people can take down their signs of drought." She had overheard Scott and I talking days earlier about there being 'signs of drought'. Ha!

A picture of Vera. Where did she get those blue eyes?? You'd never know she's a quarter Japanese.

Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16, 2012

Vera had her first day of science camp today. She goes for a half day. I wasn't sure how she'd do at drop off, but she was brave, and barely looked back to say good bye. It seemed like she had a good time. It's so hard to get info out of a four year old! Vera said she liked the water play and snack time.

I've been nauseous again since last Tuesday. Right now, it's pretty bad. I'm laying in bed hoping it'll pass. What the hell? I'm so done with stomach issues to the point where I try super hard to ignore how uncomfortable I am until I do get sick. I'm trying hard to eat clean, but maybe I'm missing something.

I'm still waiting for my new SD card, and then I can take pictures again. I so miss taking pictures of the girls.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 14, 2012

Today was my 31st birthday. We had a wonderful day. Scott made a perfect breakfast, then we headed to DC for the Air and Space Museum. The museum was not a little kid museum. At least, not for my girls. I guess if your kid is totally into airplanes, it's perfect. The exhibits required too much reading and looking, and not much doing. I think it's a museum we'll revisit when the girls are older. It wasn't a total bust, though. We enjoyed looking at the planes, cockpits, and big engines.

After a quick snack/dinner break, we went into the Natural History Museum to escape the impending storm and, use the potties. Scott had taken the girls there last month, and they were very excited to show me their favorite parts. The Natural History Museum is younger kid friendly, and since it was dinner time, it was relatively empty for a Saturday.

An ec side note- Penny was dry the whole time we were in DC. She had no problems peeing in the really loud bathrooms. I was happy to not have to carry around a bag of wet diapers.

Last week, Abby was in summer camp at Cylburn. She loved it. Repeatedly, she asked me if she could go longer than a week. The camp was a great fit for her. She learned a ton about bees, and birds. Vera, Penny and I had a super chill week. We did park day, library day, etc. The hardest part of the whole week, was the driving back and forth. Vera and Penny did not like to be woken early to drive first thing in the morning. Penny did a fair amount of angry screaming. Vera whined. I don't know how parents with kids in school do it every day. I'd go nuts. Vera starts science camp next week.

My SD card fizzled out and killed my phone. I lost all the recent photos I hadn't uploaded to the computer. Best Buy insurance plans rock. This is my fourth phone in two years. Anyways, I can't take pictures until my new SD card comes, which will be next week.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 3, 2012

Today is Scott's birthday! He stayed home from work, and this afternoon he went with the girls and his parents to see Brave. I stayed home with Penny to prepare the house for the taco/nacho feast afterwards. (I LOVE Tex-Mex, and it KILLS me that I can't eat half the food...)

So this past weekend was intense. I'll start with the International Babywearing Conference. It was pretty fun. I was beyond excited to see friends from NYC. I learned a bunch, and met some new people. The conference was more than just talking about carriers and different carries. There were classes on the science and studies behind bwing and attachment. There were discussions on the laws and safety regulations for carriers, which oddly, I find interesting. The discussions on babywearing education were equally enjoyable. I was also happy to hear others are tired of hearing about trying to find 'The Perfect Wrap', and are out there teaching parents how to babywear regardless of what carrier is being used. I am not a wrap geek. I don't know all the custom carriers and wraps out there. I really don't care what carrier a person owns. I do care about safety, and making sure parents are babyweaing correctly. My passion is the art and science of babywearing. I'm not a collector.

Next we have The Storm. It happened Friday night. I was staying with my mom since the Metro into DC is 15 minutes from her house. The Storm was damn scary. First, the wind, even soft wind, sounds creepy in my mom's basement. Throw in constant lightening and no electricity, and I was scared. If I didn't have my headlamp, I would have grabbed Penny, and blindly ran in the pitch black to sleep in my mom's bed. We lost power in our house until last night. My mom still has no power, which means no running water. It's been a HOT last few days.

Penny got a Walmart gift card from our health insurance, because I had her lead levels checked. So the girls and I went to the Walmart near us to use the gift card to buy birthday cards for Scott. This Walmart has two levels, an escalator with a special cart escalator, and an elevator. The girls and I were fooling around in the toy ailes when we heard a tremendous crashing. We turn around, and there was a metal shopping cart tumbling down the escalator with two older women going down with it. One woman hurt her leg, the other appeared ok. Abby asked what happened, and I said that's what happens when you don't read signs. The sign on the escalator said "NO CARTS". Those women are super lucky there was no one in front of them on the escalator. They could have seriously hurt someone. A woman next to me was kind of disgusted with what I said to Abby and Vera, and said "They are lucky they aren't hurt!" So I said to Abby and Vera, "No, they're lucky they didn't hurt anyone with their stupidity." Who takes carts on huge escalators? Who thinks that's a good idea? Idiots! (And I hate Walmart. I've never been in one that's actually picked up and clean. I'm a Target person.)

My Signing Time DVDs are all messed up from over use. If anyone has copies they aren't using, we could use them. :) Penny's at that frustrating age of knowing what she wants, but can't say it. Signing Time worked wonders for Vera, and me.

Speaking of Signing Time, Abby met Rachel Coleman...