Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 14, 2012

Today was my 31st birthday. We had a wonderful day. Scott made a perfect breakfast, then we headed to DC for the Air and Space Museum. The museum was not a little kid museum. At least, not for my girls. I guess if your kid is totally into airplanes, it's perfect. The exhibits required too much reading and looking, and not much doing. I think it's a museum we'll revisit when the girls are older. It wasn't a total bust, though. We enjoyed looking at the planes, cockpits, and big engines.

After a quick snack/dinner break, we went into the Natural History Museum to escape the impending storm and, use the potties. Scott had taken the girls there last month, and they were very excited to show me their favorite parts. The Natural History Museum is younger kid friendly, and since it was dinner time, it was relatively empty for a Saturday.

An ec side note- Penny was dry the whole time we were in DC. She had no problems peeing in the really loud bathrooms. I was happy to not have to carry around a bag of wet diapers.

Last week, Abby was in summer camp at Cylburn. She loved it. Repeatedly, she asked me if she could go longer than a week. The camp was a great fit for her. She learned a ton about bees, and birds. Vera, Penny and I had a super chill week. We did park day, library day, etc. The hardest part of the whole week, was the driving back and forth. Vera and Penny did not like to be woken early to drive first thing in the morning. Penny did a fair amount of angry screaming. Vera whined. I don't know how parents with kids in school do it every day. I'd go nuts. Vera starts science camp next week.

My SD card fizzled out and killed my phone. I lost all the recent photos I hadn't uploaded to the computer. Best Buy insurance plans rock. This is my fourth phone in two years. Anyways, I can't take pictures until my new SD card comes, which will be next week.

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