Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22, 2012

I've felt so much better this week! I've been keeping Paleo. Scott has declared I'm to really try to stay away from gluten.

Vera did ok with camp. She had nightmares Tuesday and Wednesday night. Wednesday was a particularly hard day for her. It sounded like Vera got pushed around a bit. She didn't want to go to camp Thursday, so I kept her home. She did ask to go back Friday, and it was a good day. We ended our summer camp adventure on a good note.

Funny Abby story- we were driving somewhere, and I said it looks like it's going to rain finally. Abby says, "That's great! Then people can take down their signs of drought." She had overheard Scott and I talking days earlier about there being 'signs of drought'. Ha!

A picture of Vera. Where did she get those blue eyes?? You'd never know she's a quarter Japanese.

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