Friday, July 27, 2012

July 27, 2012

Penny is in love with playdough. She took a taste once, but decided she'd rather smoosh it than eat it. Maybe she likes it because it's one of the few things she can do with the older girls. As a side note, Penny always grabs the white colored crayon. I find that interesting. Why not a crayon that makes a mark, like blue? Or red? Why white? Though, when she has crayons or a pencil, I have to watch her like a hawk, because she loves to draw on the walls. To just run her crayon or whatever up and down on the wall. My other ones never drew on the walls. Penny seems to get pure pleasure out of it.

There's a fiesty-ness emerging from Penny. When she wants something, she wants it. Oh my, I'm sure people down the block can hear her protests. Penny adores picking out her clothes, but her favorite thing to put on are undies. More specifically, Vera's undies. The other day, Vera was getting dressed, and Penny comes over, and Penny tries to take Vera's undies AS Vera was trying to put them on. And Penny got m a d because Vera wouldn't give her the darn undies. Yesterday, she had on two pairs of Vera's undies, and today, we had to take a pair with us to the park. So weird, this child.

We watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics tonight. Kind of a let down. It started off strong, then seriously fizzled. Abby really wanted to watch the Americans walk since the flag bearer was the captain for the women's fencing team. But we were having electrical issues, and the tv kept turning off, a sign to go to bed.

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