Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 29, 2012

Scott and I cleaned and vacuumed out the cars today. The van was just plain dirty. We spend so much time outside in mud and dirt. I could have made a mini beach with all the sand in the trunk!

Now for my Olympics rant. We don't have cable. I refuse to pay for 100+ channels of crap that we won't watch. (We do have a Roku and a Bluray player. Scott and I are film geeks after all.) Since we don't have cable, we can't watch the Olympics. We can't even watch them streaming live on the internet without a tv cable connection. There's no work around. I could go out, and get a digital antenna, but I don't want to spend the money, and the events we want to see are on NBC's cable stations anyways. Even NBC's freakin' Oympic andriod app requires wifi and your tv cable id. Fuck that. I even tried using someone else's id. Aren't the Olympics supposed to be for everyone, or am I missing something?

So, we went to the inlaws to watch the opening ceremony, and a few highlights, like Phelps getting his priveleged ass handed to him during the 400 IM. (Does anyone else think Lochte is primal and a Crossfit nut?) Abby got to watch the women's foil fencing finals.

I went to staples and made copies of the last Math 3 lessons. It's cheaper to make copies at Staples, than buying new ink for our printer. My fantasy is to have an industial copier/printer in my house. I could set up the basement as a Kinkos. Once it's Penny's turn to use all these workbooks, she's going to write right on them.

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