Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 3, 2012

Today is Scott's birthday! He stayed home from work, and this afternoon he went with the girls and his parents to see Brave. I stayed home with Penny to prepare the house for the taco/nacho feast afterwards. (I LOVE Tex-Mex, and it KILLS me that I can't eat half the food...)

So this past weekend was intense. I'll start with the International Babywearing Conference. It was pretty fun. I was beyond excited to see friends from NYC. I learned a bunch, and met some new people. The conference was more than just talking about carriers and different carries. There were classes on the science and studies behind bwing and attachment. There were discussions on the laws and safety regulations for carriers, which oddly, I find interesting. The discussions on babywearing education were equally enjoyable. I was also happy to hear others are tired of hearing about trying to find 'The Perfect Wrap', and are out there teaching parents how to babywear regardless of what carrier is being used. I am not a wrap geek. I don't know all the custom carriers and wraps out there. I really don't care what carrier a person owns. I do care about safety, and making sure parents are babyweaing correctly. My passion is the art and science of babywearing. I'm not a collector.

Next we have The Storm. It happened Friday night. I was staying with my mom since the Metro into DC is 15 minutes from her house. The Storm was damn scary. First, the wind, even soft wind, sounds creepy in my mom's basement. Throw in constant lightening and no electricity, and I was scared. If I didn't have my headlamp, I would have grabbed Penny, and blindly ran in the pitch black to sleep in my mom's bed. We lost power in our house until last night. My mom still has no power, which means no running water. It's been a HOT last few days.

Penny got a Walmart gift card from our health insurance, because I had her lead levels checked. So the girls and I went to the Walmart near us to use the gift card to buy birthday cards for Scott. This Walmart has two levels, an escalator with a special cart escalator, and an elevator. The girls and I were fooling around in the toy ailes when we heard a tremendous crashing. We turn around, and there was a metal shopping cart tumbling down the escalator with two older women going down with it. One woman hurt her leg, the other appeared ok. Abby asked what happened, and I said that's what happens when you don't read signs. The sign on the escalator said "NO CARTS". Those women are super lucky there was no one in front of them on the escalator. They could have seriously hurt someone. A woman next to me was kind of disgusted with what I said to Abby and Vera, and said "They are lucky they aren't hurt!" So I said to Abby and Vera, "No, they're lucky they didn't hurt anyone with their stupidity." Who takes carts on huge escalators? Who thinks that's a good idea? Idiots! (And I hate Walmart. I've never been in one that's actually picked up and clean. I'm a Target person.)

My Signing Time DVDs are all messed up from over use. If anyone has copies they aren't using, we could use them. :) Penny's at that frustrating age of knowing what she wants, but can't say it. Signing Time worked wonders for Vera, and me.

Speaking of Signing Time, Abby met Rachel Coleman...

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