Friday, August 31, 2012

August 31st, 2012

Tomorrow is Abby's 8th birthday. OMG. 8th birthday. (And I just realized I've been blogging for 7 years.) She's not a little kid anymore. She's a BIG big kid. A wonderful, beautiful, and magnetic person. My first baby.

I have to work tomorrow, so Scott is taking all three girls to the mall to buy Abby's birthday shoes. She wants another pair of Chuck Taylors, but in a brighter color. Last year, she chose black. Sunday or Monday, we'll have our usual vegan cake possibly with ice cream, and Abby wants baked beans and hot dogs as her birthday dinner. Just the grandparents will be in attendence.

This week turned out to be quite busy. Library, park, Scott changed his car's brakes on his own, another park, and beach trip. We also did a full four days of lessons. Nine more lessons in Math 3. I keep telling myself, "We can do this!" The last 15 lessons in the Saxon math books are k I l l e r. It's like a preview of what's to come in the next grade. We're nearly done Writing With Ease 2. I requested Story of the World 2 on cd for car rides. The girls and I are tearing through audiobooks while in the car. I figure we can listen to history while driving, if we aren't listening to a good book. Abby and Vera are enjoying the Narnia books right now.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 21, 2012

I got a weekend job. It's at a natural parenting/ consignment shop. I'm excited to start working Saturdays again. I get some adult time and cash for gas. The fun starts this weekend.

Also, I'm available for private babywearing and/or elimination communication consultations. :)

So it's official, eggs are out. I was so so hoping they were not an issue, but Penny had a physical reaction. She had hives around her mouth, and poop issues. The hives popped up within minutes of eating plain egg. I'm wondering if my stomach issues are connected to eggs. If I'm still allergic. I live in such denial. Starting tomorrow, I go egg free. I love eggs. Penny would always spit out eggs if I gave her some, and now I know why. Penny's body knows best.

Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012

Now I remember what I wanted to blog about.

Penny has discovered the joy of books. She's had no interest in looking at or listening to books until recently. I'm pretty sure she says "read this" when she brings me a book, but her speech is super hard to understand. It's awesome to read to her. Penny loves books with actual photos. Books with pictures of real babies and animals must be read repeatedly. There is one exception. The Do's and Don'ts of Underwear by Todd Parr. Her favorite book. I've read it so many times I can recite it by memory.

I'm on the hunt for gently used carriers. Mostly buckle carriers, like an Ergo and both types of Beco. I'd like to round out the carrier stash I keep for meetings and such. My carriers are getting out of date, and some are beyond well loved. ;) Send any leads my way.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 12, 2012

Scott is going strong on his Whole30. I added rice and corn back to my diet. I eat, and need to eat, way more than Scott because I'm nursing full time. Without the rice and corn, our grocery bill was huge since I needed a ton of veggies to meet my body's needs. Anyways, I'm curious to see how Scott is at the end of this month.

This week Scott is replacing his own brakes and changing the oil in his car. Yay for DIY.

Abby's birthday is coming up. It's going to be super low key. We'll probably only do a family cake and ice cream. She's asked for new shoes again. Same ones as last year, only in a different color.

There was something I kept meaning to blog about Penny, but I can't remember. I'll remember after I publish this post.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

August 5, 2012

Today was day one of our Whole30. Dinner was amazing. Scott made stir fry minus the rice. He made the best steak e v e r. It was perfection.

As the girls get older, our food bill is increasing almost monthly. It's our biggest expense next to rent. I'm trying to figure out how to get even more veggies into our meals to offset the cost of grass fed, free range, humane meat. I'm starting with lunches. I need to make a master list of veggies the girls will eat, and make a ton of veggies for lunches. Our lunches were vegan for so long, and I'd like to go back to veggie heavy lunches. I like my meals to be nutrient dense, filling, and grain-free. So, I've got some thinking to do.

As a family, we're building a mouse trap car to race on the 18th. The car has to be made using a pine car kit that was given to us, and recycled materials. Once, I borrow a jigsaw, we should be good to go.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 1, 2012

I kept thinking today was Tuesday.  It's Wednesday.  Thank goodness.

Scott and I are starting the Whole30 on Sunday.  I'm excited to see how Scott fares on it.  Thirty days of clean eating!

The girls and I made zucchini noodles tonight for dinner.  They came out wonderful.  Vera LOVED them.  She ate her entire dinner.  This makes two nights in a row she has eaten a whole dinner.  Abby was on the fence.  She said she kind of liked it.

Vera has been having a Vera kind of week.  Ultra moody, cranky, tired, clingy.  She's had multiple pee accidents in a very short time frame.  Growth spurt anyone?  Geesh.

Vera and I have been reading together more.  She follows along as I read, and will chime in when she knows a word.  She's going to start Kindy in January.  She's ready for it.

Abby and I are chugging along still trying to finish Math 3.  These last few lessons are h a r d.  I'd say these are the hardest in the entire book.  I had to break lesson 120 down into two days, because it was an assessment and introducing new material.  That's a lot for Abby.  We've been talking about factors, functions, products, all these big new words.