Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 1, 2012

I kept thinking today was Tuesday.  It's Wednesday.  Thank goodness.

Scott and I are starting the Whole30 on Sunday.  I'm excited to see how Scott fares on it.  Thirty days of clean eating!

The girls and I made zucchini noodles tonight for dinner.  They came out wonderful.  Vera LOVED them.  She ate her entire dinner.  This makes two nights in a row she has eaten a whole dinner.  Abby was on the fence.  She said she kind of liked it.

Vera has been having a Vera kind of week.  Ultra moody, cranky, tired, clingy.  She's had multiple pee accidents in a very short time frame.  Growth spurt anyone?  Geesh.

Vera and I have been reading together more.  She follows along as I read, and will chime in when she knows a word.  She's going to start Kindy in January.  She's ready for it.

Abby and I are chugging along still trying to finish Math 3.  These last few lessons are h a r d.  I'd say these are the hardest in the entire book.  I had to break lesson 120 down into two days, because it was an assessment and introducing new material.  That's a lot for Abby.  We've been talking about factors, functions, products, all these big new words.

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