Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 18, 2012

It rained buckets today. We stayed home, and did lessons, and cleaned.

Penny trialed tomatoes. It was a failure. I really wanted tomatoes back. She took a bite, spit it out, and scraped her mouth clean, then took another bite, same story. Penny got splotchy in a matter of minutes. Scott had a minor freak out, and wanted to give her Benedryl, but we didn't have any. (Bad parents!) Her face cleared up pretty fast. Today, she's had runny poops, and mucousy poo. So, yea. No nightshades still. I'm afraid to see what potatoes would do to her.

Abby's pretty much done with Math 3. I got the Spectrum Grade 3 Enrichment Math workbook from the library, and Abby's been taking the chapter post-tests each day. She's breezing through them. I'm having her do them mostly for me. I need that reassurence that Abby's retaining what I'm teaching her. Also, it's giving us a bit of a break before we dive into Saxon math 4/5.

We're finishing up our science block on space. I'd like to do a final science project. I may have Abby pick a topic, and have her do something like make a model or poster. Maybe pick a book, and do a report. She really liked this book called "The First Kid on Mars". Abby could do something related to that.

Vera read four Bob Books today. She wants to start math, and keeps asking. I want her to wait until she turns five in January. I'd like to work more on her reading. I follow her interest in reading, but it would be awesome to give her a little nudge to read more. If Vera can be reading well by the end of this school year, it would make our lessons easier next year. 

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