Friday, October 12, 2012

October 12, 2012

Really quick because it's late, and I need sleep, yet I'm annoyed. So...

Maybe because we're dairy, nightshade, egg, and 90% gluten free, our food bill is astronomical. (Veggies ain't cheap, y'all.) Though you figure cutting out whole food groups would bring the bill down. Not so. Here's where my annoyance comes in. I love reading 'how to eat healthy on a budget' blog posts. Usually, the "tips" are crap, especially if you're eating cleanly/paleo. I need to organize my thoughts more, and type up a post on how to really feed a family of five on a tight budget- with food restrictions.

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Maeghen Daly said...

Amen! I think in our house, we've just resolved to cutting cost everywhere else and dumping it into the food budget. It is so hard when you have so many dietary restrictions and the market is so that only wealthy people care to eat healthy. It's so sad that it's McDonald's or other fast food that is "affordable" and the poor are fat and well to do are fit. Once upon a time it was the opposite!