Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 30, 2012

We survived Sandy. No issues. It was nice to be all cozy together indoors for a whole day. Abby and Vera did lessons, Scott worked from home, and I made sure the house stayed clean. Thank the universe all my friends in NYC are safe, and most have power.

So I've been thinking about how to do a food blog post. I'm going to post bit by bit, since I blog from my phone when I have a moment to spare. First up- meat. It's a hard one, but I think we have it figured out. This is per week for a family of five who don't eat eggs, dairy, wheat, or nightshades, and four out of five eat all three meals at home.
-two organic chickens whole from Trader Joes.
-two pounds organic ground beef from MOMs (local, grass fed)
-one pound organic ground turkey from MOMs. (Local)
-bacon from Trader Joes
The chickens Scott de-bones, and makes broth with the bones. This makes four meals- soup with a breast, a meal with two chicken breasts, a meal with a breast (usually fried rice or salad), and a meal with legs, thighs, and wings). The turkey I make into patties for the girls and I to eat for lunch. It's cheaper than buying organic lunch meat, and lasts longer. The beef can be used in two meals, and the bacon is for Saturday breakfast. So that's six dinner meals, leaving one meal totally veggie.

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